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Museum hosts annual LEGO building competition virtually

LEGO UP While past competitions have taken place outside the museum, this will be the first year that contestants will build in their own homes. Photo courtesy of Whistler Museum Collection

The Whistler Museum is happy to announce it will be hosting its annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks again this year! The theme will be announced later this month, and it will be your challenge to interpret that theme using LEGO bricks (or DUPLO for the younger ones). This is a great activity to help keep the little ones entertained and get their creativity flowing this summer. The museum wants to bring everyone the competition we know and love while also making sure everyone stays safe. That being said, this year is definitely going to be different than previous ones, so it’s important to know the rundown. 

But don’t fret, this year won’t be completely different! Some things will remain the same as before. Like past years, there will be 50 spots. You can register your child for $5 at the Whistler Museum website: 

Instead of a one-day event, we will have online submissions open from Sunday, Aug. 23 until noon on Saturday, Aug. 29. To stop any eager beavers (though we do love your excitement about LEGO!), we will be announcing this year’s theme on Saturday, Aug. 22, a day before submissions open. Each child will have a week to perfect and send in a photo of the LEGO creation along with a description of what’s been made and how it relates to this year’s theme. 

A proper submission must include: a photo of the LEGO creation and a completed participation form with the participant’s name, age, a description of how the creation relates to the theme and consent to sharing photos of the creation. The participation form will be available on the Whistler Museum website once the theme is announced.

We will have grand prizes for category winners and goody bags for all participants thanks to many generous donations from businesses within our community. All the prizes and goodies will be available for pickup at the Whistler Museum from Sunday, Aug. 30 to Sunday, Sept. 6. (Given the circumstances this year, we unfortunately can’t make any exceptions regarding prize pickup.)

We’ve asked members of the community to be judges for this event so be sure to put forward your best creations! We want this year’s virtual Building Competition to be as fun and fair as possible for all participants. Keeping that in mind, winners will be judged on their LEGO creations as well as the description on how it relates to the theme. We recognize that since families will be using their own LEGO and not all families will have the same amounts, winners will not be judged on how big or extravagant their creations are, but on their creativity, originality and how well they relate what they’ve made with the theme. 

Because this year’s event is virtual, we are trusting that all LEGO creations are original and your own (though we certainly know how tempting LEGO is to adults!).

We hope to hear from you over the last week of August for our 24th Annual Building Competition with LEGO bricks! For more information, please visit our website or check out our Facebook event page.

Jasmin is the Summer Program Coordinator at the Whistler Museum & Archives. She is here on a Young Canada Works contract and recently graduated from Whistler Secondary School.