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B.C. tribunal orders ex-partner to pay $3,000 for Henry the dog

The Civil Resolution Tribunal ruled the pair had agreed to a settlement about the dog "with informed and true consent."
B.C.'s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a woman to pay her ex-partner $2,999 for their dog.

B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ordered a Nelson woman to pay her ex-partner $2,999 for a dog named Henry.

According to the April 23 decision, Connor Potter and Zabree MacInnis ended their common law relationship and negotiated a settlement agreement about Henry.

The tribunal said Potter undisputedly gave Henry to MacInnis but he said she still owes him $3,000 of the settlement amount.

Potter asked for $2,999 to reduce the tribunal fees he was required to pay to file his claim, inferred tribunal member Christopher Rivers.

MacInnis said she never signed the settlement agreement and that Potter unnecessarily increased the legal bills, withheld Henry to force a settlement under duress and was responsible for additional veterinarian bills.

MacInnis asked for the claim to be dismissed.

Rivers said MacInnes had hired a lawyer who negotiated with Potter on the issue.

Potter said the parties agreed MacInnis would pay him $9,000 for Henry and Potter would pay $214.55 towards a veterinarian checkup.

“Off-setting one amount against the other, the applicant says the respondent agreed to pay $8,786.45,” Rivers said.

Rivers said MacInnis had paid some of the agreed money.

“I find (MacInnis’) conduct clearly shows an intention to be bound by the parties’ agreement’s terms as contained in the draft release,” Rivers said. “(MacInnis) made payments both before and after receiving Henry, including a payment that corresponds evenly with the amount outstanding.”

Rivers said the fact MacInnis used a lawyer and the court process, meant they agreed to the settlement’s terms with informed and true consent.

Rivers ordered MacInnis to pay the $2,999.