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This boutique Vancouver hotel was just named second best in Canada

A Vancouver Island hotel was named one of the best small hotels in the world
The Loden Hotel in Coal Harbour has been named the second best hotel in Canada by TripAdvisor.

Need a place to suggest for guests seeking accommodation in Vancouver?

TripAdvisor's named its Best of the Best for the world's hotels, and while no Canadian spot made the global, list a Vancouver hotel took second in the country.

Coal Harbour's Loden Hotel, a boutique spot on Melville Street, fell just short of the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto in the top hotel category. The home of Tableau restaurant, Loden also boasts amenities like EV charging stations and allergy-friendly floors.

The top five hotels in Canada actually featured two other B.C. locations, as well, with Victoria's Magnolia and Vancouver's EXchange Hotel ranking third and fifth, respectively.

Vancouver had a total of four hotels in the top 10 in Canada, with the Wedgewood taking seventh and L'Hermitage in 10th.

The best sleep in B.C.?

While Vancouver did well in Canadian rankings, one B.C. hotel got worldwide recognition not once, but twice.

Abigail's Hotel in Victoria is in a renovated Tudor-style building originally built in the 1930s as an apartment building. The hotel and its new extension has been highly regarded by TripAdvisor's users.

While it didn't rank in the new hotel category, it placed second in the world when based on where to get a good night's sleep. Not only that, but it placed 11th in the small hotel category.