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Here is how B.C. residents feel about travelling internationally this year

British Columbians are concerned for different reasons these days.
A BCAA Travel Confidence Survey finds that nearly three-quarters of BC residents aged 19 to 34 years plan to travel internationally in 2021 or 2022.

Do you feel ready to travel again? 

Young British Columbians are eager to get back to travel despite some pandemic-related risks, according to a new survey. 

A recent BCAA Travel Confidence Survey conducted by Léger finds that nearly three-quarters of B.C. residents aged 19 to 34 years indicated that they plan to travel this year or next. While they acknowledge that travel is risky, an impressive 75 per cent of these respondents feel a desire to leave the country in the near future. 

Report authors also note that British Columbians have shifted their travel concerns. The last time the survey was conducted (August 2021), most respondents were concerned about contracting the virus (76%) abroad or that pandemic restrictions may hamper enjoyment of their travel experience (80%). 

Now, the lion's share of respondents (84%) expressed concern about getting stuck in destination or testing positive and having to quarantine versus fear of actually getting sick from the virus.

And while young people expressed an interest in getting back on the road, mature British Columbians are less likely to feel ready to travel again soon. That said, nearly two-thirds (63%) of people aged 55+ are planning international travel this year or next — but that figure is a whopping 10 percentage points lower.

People over the age of 55 are also "more than twice as likely to have no plans to leave Canada," with 29 per cent of them planning to stay in the country compared to 13 per cent of those aged 18-34. 

BCAA recommends that people do their research and look to protect themselves as they book travel. “Do your research beforehand, check travel advisories, and plan ahead to minimize risk and ensure a happy and safe trip,” said Namita Kearns, Director of Insurance Products. “Check your insurance coverage, ask questions, and stay safe.” 

BCAA recommends that travellers determine how much COVID-19 coverage their insurance provides and that they have a comprehensive package. That plan should include trip interruption and travel delay, as well as possible quarantine coverage, "which can cover unplanned accommodation and living expenses."