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Letter: More on Whistler water-use bylaw

'These are massive, wasteful users of scarce water resources'
New irrigation schedules will help create “recovery periods” for municipal water reservoirs.

Having read Heike Stippler’s letter regarding water restrictions, I agree with her logic (Pique, March 29: “Whistler ‘needs to do better’ on water-use bylaw”).

I have a couple of questions for the Resort Municipality of Whistler: Where are we with the phase-out of flow-through cooling systems used by many restaurants and bars? How many have stopped using this cooling system? Will they be asking for an extension to the phase-out deadline?

Will the overhead water-misting system used to cool riders in the gondola lineup for the bike park continue to be allowed? What about the misting systems on patios in the village?

These are massive, wasteful users of scarce water resources.

John Cooper // Whistler