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Road to recovery

Good vibes from Whistler this week
surgery success
Twelve-year-old lab Ty has been on the long road to recovery since a successful surgery in November.

Last year, a regular patient at Coast Mountain Veterinary Services—a 12-year-old lab named Ty—started to grow a large tumour. After weighing the risk of surgery with the benefits of removing the tumour, Coast’s Dr. Ruairidhd MacKenzie conducted a successful surgery in early November. Ty has been on the long road to recovery ever since, going from vet visits every two days, to every three days, and then four.

Before long, Ty’s visits were down to once a week, and “he graduated from bandages to a majestic pink onesie,” says Rhian, hospital manager at Coast.

“Last Thursday, we saw Ty for his final check up after surgery! Within a few weeks of surgery he had turned back into a big, bouncy puppy, and we’re all so proud of him and his mum for seeing him through this process.”

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