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Function(al) Junction

LETTER: For the week of Aug. 21
Dave Williamson, Brent Harley, Steve Bayly, Roxy the dog and Tammy Shore - all strong advocates for safe pedestrian pathways in Function Junction - came together for an Abbey Road-inspired photo shoot in appreciation of the Resort Municipality of Whistler's work done to date in Function Junction. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE WHISTLER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

On behalf of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, we'd like to thank [mayor, council and staff] for the work completed on the pedestrian pathways in Function Junction.

We appreciate the RMOW's willingness to consult with the Function Junction stakeholders and the Chamber to see the completion of Phase 1 and 2 at the beginning of the summer. The Alpha Lake Road reduced speed, at-grade pedestrian pathway, the relocation of the two bus stops, new flashing light crosswalks and traffic-calming curbs are all significant improvements to the safety and functionality of travel in the Function Junction area.

We look forward to consulting with the RMOW to develop Phase 3 plans to bring additional creative improvements and continue the good work that has been done.

Melissa Pace // CEO Whistler Chamber