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Letter: Farewell Whistler

For 37 years, "Whistler has been an amazing and cherished chapter in our lives and we are sad to say goodbye but excited to open the next chapter and welcome it with open arms."
Pottery by Vincent Massey. Photo Submitted

The time has come to say “Thank you, Whistler” for 37 stoke-filled years of living large by ripping it up on the mountains, trails, lakes, rivers and forests in this magical valley.

My young life in Whistler started in 1965. Lucky for me, my father was hooked on skiing and was involved in the initial building and design of Whistler Mountain. So in 1965 my father and mother built our first house in Creekside and my stoke for skiing was hatched. I have now skied 56 winters here.

Cheryl’s love of skiing started in the ’60s on the local mountains in West Vancouver and soon transferred to Whistler in the ’70s, where she became a classic ski bum in the ’80s: “get a night job and ski during the day.”

We both met on Whistler Mountain and shared a passion for all that Whistler had to offer. 1985 was a huge year for us. We got married, bought our lot in Alpine Meadows, got a puppy, our son Tyler was born, we moved from West Vancouver to Whistler, got a mortgage, built our house and pottery studio and opened a business. Yes, that was a wild year! Then three years later our daughter Michela was born. This was an epic decade of growth and change for Whistler. A new village, another mountain (Blackcomb) a brand new daycare, elementary school, high school and sports centre. How lucky were we and our kids to have all of these new amenities!

The mid-’80s in Whistler was like winning the real estate lottery. Lots were affordable and like-minded people flocked to this place. We all desired a lifestyle that was filled with powder days that were more important than work or business. Having friends that are just as stoked as you to go outside and play, laugh and live large makes living here epic!

Over the three decades we have nurtured amazing friendships and relationships. We were there for the birth of WORCA, AWARE and the Whistler Arts Council.

I was one of the earlier members of Whistler Search and Rescue back when it was more search than rescue, and now after 34 years on this team it has grown into one of the busiest SAR teams in the province. Absolutely one of the most rewarding times I have experienced in my life—I could write a book!

Each of us have carved out a creative life that has filled peoples’ homes, restaurants and business with our pottery and baskets. Living the creative life and making one’s living from our creative passion has had its ups and downs, but we wouldn’t have changed it for anything. Whistler has infused in us a deep passion and love of this place that we hold dearly in our hearts and party souls.

Our children have grown up in this fun-filled, outdoor international community with a sense of play and life skills that make them a unique breed. Both are now married, and we are very proud of them and to be grandparents of four grandchildren. Now three out of our four grandchildren are fourth-generation skiers on Whistler Blackcomb.

And now the lure of the coast and ocean is calling us back. We have sold our beloved Whistler home and have purchased a beautiful two-acre home in Sechelt with spectacular views of the Salish Sea. Whistler has been an amazing and cherished chapter in our lives and we are sad to say goodbye but excited to open the next chapter and welcome it with open arms.

This coming weekend will be our last pottery and basket sale in Whistler. But don’t worry, our plan is to build a new studio and gallery at our Sunshine Coast property. Stay tuned for the opening of our new location once we have settled in!

Our pottery gallery will close June 5 for good. Feel free to visit us before then.

Keep the Whistler vibe alive.


Vincent (Binty) and Cheryl Massey // Whistler