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Letter: Loss of Whistler’s Canada Day parade represents a ‘sad day’

'Please, don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.'
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Whistler's traditional Canada Day parade is not returning in 2022.

Canada Day Parade cancelled.


I cannot begin to fathom the convoluted decision-making that resulted in the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) cancelling one of our community’s most iconic and just plain fun events.

For me, there are three events on the Whistler calendar that speak to and witness mass “locals” participation. Events where you are guaranteed to say hello to friends and neighbours who generally avoid the village and tourist-driven events:

• Halloween at Tapley’s Farm;

• Remembrance Day Service;

• Canada Day Parade.

The common thread is that they all began organically as simple, nearly zero-cost, non-governmental, “local” celebrations.

These are (were) community-driven events. Community celebrations conceived by, organized by and run by locals for locals—not Whistler Blackcomb, not the RMOW or Tourism Whistler, but by those who built the very foundation of our community.

The RMOW puts out surveys nonstop: “What do you think?” “What would you like to see?” “How can we make it better?”

Disappointedly, on this quintessentially foundational question/decision, we get “we know best, forget about it” in response from muni hall.

So now we are instructed to “Enjoy the People’s Parade!” What harebrained, navel-gazing, goofy process did this evolve from?

Thirty-five kids on decorated bikes, a couple of fire trucks, the Whistler Museum & Archives, First Nations (invited), the library, Girl Guides and Scouts, RCMP Colour Party and Nesters staff tossing out apples—there’s your Canada Day Parade for 2023!

“Declining participation,” “worker shortages”—please, don’t piss on my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

Sad day.

Brian Buchholz // Tapley’s Farm

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