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Letter to the Editor: Bus service needed between Mount Currie and Whistler

regional transit
Regional transit would be a big step towards lowering Whistler's carbon footprint, writes a Pique reader this week.

After reading the article about Whistler transit considering free transit around Whistler I’d like to highlight how poor the transit service is from Mount Currie and Pemberton to Whistler (Pique, July 22, “Whistler council considers how to make transit free year-round”).

If the RMOW is considering transit in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of locals then a big achievement would also come from connecting the two towns better than they are currently.
This is something that is extremely evident by the long tailbacks caused by the traffic coming from Pemberton to Whistler caught up in the road works right now.

With the increase in people moving to Pemberton in the hunt for affordable housing (that it a completely different subject), Whistler’s locals waiting to escape the madness for a day trip or going to support Pemberton’s farms, businesses or breweries there needs be a drastic improvement in public transport.
A direct bus from Mount Currie to Function would offer the service this community needs.