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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Celebrating Asian Heritage Month locally

The Whistler Multicultural Society celebrated Asian Heritage Month by showcasing local people of Asian heritage and sharing Asian culture and food throughout the month of May. Pictured here: Thai cooking night over Zoom.

May was Asian Heritage Month and Whistler Multicultural Society and Welcome Centre believed it was important for us to celebrate how much Asian culture we have locally and how it enriches our community.

Not only that, we wanted to raise our voices against anti-Asian hate and discrimination by building more intercultural understanding.

We have spent the month showcasing local people of Asian heritage and sharing Asian culture and food. We had an amazing reaction to our requests for interviews and want to send out a huge thank you to all those who opened their hearts, and shared their histories, experiences, and messages with us.

It’s becoming a brave thing to do and we want to make sure their messages are heard as widely as possible. We hope that the community will meet our interviewees, and enjoy and share their stories from the Welcome Centre blog

Equally amazing has been the response to our Multicultural Community kitchen celebrating Asian cooking—learning to cook Thai food on May 27.

Special thanks go to Pui, a long-time local immigrant from Thailand, for sharing her wonderful cultural dish with the community, and for her hard work in making this event a huge success.

Also apologies to those we had to turn away as the registrations were just too many to handle. We’d like to let those who weren’t able to join the event live know that they can still watch it on Facebook.

Finally, thank you to the community. It makes us feel more at home and we look forward to connecting more in the future.

Chia-Ling Wu, Multicultural Outreach Worker/Community Kitchens