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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Closing Whistler Blackcomb not the solution

whistler blackcomb powder skiing
Whistler Blackcomb closed for the season after B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered the resort to shut down for a three week "circuit-breaker."

Was skiing great powder when my phone buzzes to give me the sorry news—[Whistler Blackcomb] is shut down. Then [I] spent six hours listening for the why answer. Never came. Something about the Brazilian [COVID-19] variant being spread by those coming to Whistler then returning to wherever.

What does that have to do with skiing outdoors?

If [Public Health Officer] Dr. Bonnie [Henry] wants to stop people coming to Whistler getting [the] Brazilian [variant] and returning home, close the hotels and restaurants.

What has [Vail Resorts] done to allow those who ski to spread COVID-19? Nothing, but make it safe to ski.

Somebody made a decision [that] really hurts us ski addicts! Better to mass vaccinate all of us, let us ski and safely make a living and recreate in the great outdoors.

Michael Blaxland // Whistler