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Letter to the Editor: Imagine the possibilities

This local wants to see their dream of a world-class tennis facility come to life as Whistler considers how to best develop Northlands
Northlands aerial 2
An aerial view of the Northlands site north of Whistler Village.

The development of the lands at 4500 Northlands Blvd. comes with a covenant that calls for a significant community amenity in the form of a world-class tennis facility. The Beedie Whistler Holdings Ltd. group and the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) have the opportunity to finally deliver on this amenity.

What an amazing opportunity for Whistler! Imagine the positive impact on the Whistler community if the Beedie group, the RMOW and the public were able to come together and deliver on this amenity.

  • Imagine if Whistler had a place where families gathered to enjoy a variety of sports and activities;
  • Imagine if the Wildwood restaurant was open again and everyone knew they could meet all the friends each Sunday for all day breakfast;
  • Imagine if there was a facility that you could drop your kid off and know that they would be taken care of in a positive, healthy and constructive environment;
  • Imagine if there was a facility in Whistler that was inclusive to all and encouraged its patrons to have fun in a healthy environment;
  • Imagine if we had a thriving facility with the slogan: “Fun, Fitness, Family & Friendship”;
  • Imagine if Whistler had a place where locals, second homeowners and tourists gathered to meet and enjoy each other’s company centred around recreation;
  • Imagine if there was a facility that hosted racquet tournaments that drove incremental visitors to Whistler all of whom tended to support the local economy;
  • Imagine if there was a place that you could go and know that as long as you had a positive attitude you would have a great time;
  • Imagine if there was an organization that sponsored every kids’ team and provided free meeting venues for any community organization;
  • Imagine if there was a weatherproof facility that offered a variety of indoor activities for all levels day and night.

Imagine if a family friendly, multi-use recreation facility was delivered as a result of the Beedie group’s rezoning application on 4500 Northlands Blvd. Just imagine how great that would be for Whistler families and in fact all Whistlerites.

RMOW and Beedie group, please fulfill the community obligation that is due on the lands at 4500 Northlands Blvd and let’s turn this imagination into reality.

Ben Thomas // Whistler