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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It was time to move on

While Pemberton had some attraction, one letter writer explains why some leave for greener pastures.

A number of people have decided to give up the unequal struggle and leave Pemberton (Pembexit). 

Destinations vary from Comox to Whitehorse. I would like to document why I have decided to move to Tumbler Ridge after 20 years in the valley. 

No doubt there are those who will feel that this litany of negativity is a bad example of sour grapes but it isn’t really. I love Pemberton but living here has become impossible.

The worst thing is the attitude of landowners to public land. Although it is illegal to physically stop people having access to public lands, this practice is rife around Pemberton. From fences to aggression to stone throwing, landowners have succeeded in preventing people exercising their rights. 

The authorities have their meetings but do nothing. In England, the law enforces the Right to Roam. Not here.

Anyone counting cars heading for Whistler between 6 and 9 a.m. would probably count 50 before they got bored. [What] one thing [do they have] in common? Most would have one person only. Any chance of lift-sharing, of pressuring the authorities to lay on a workable bus schedule?

Of course not.

Tumbler Ridge has a delightful golf course, which is covered in half a metre of snow. [This] club has track set the course and anyone is welcome to use it. Nobody is irresponsible enough to ski over the greens. Why would you?

Both golf courses in Pemberton forbid cross-country skiing.

Come and visit us up north! Life is slower and quieter but free of inner strife.

N. Mathews // Tumbler Ridge