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Letter to the Editor: RVs with AC a lesser evil

'Playing the generational difference game is a losing proposition'
RV driving highway 99 past green lake - whistler
An RV drives alongside Whistler's Green Lake.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Maxed Out, I do have a bone to pick about millennials camping in luxurious RVs and trailers and the idea that this is contradictory to not wanting the planet to ignite into a ball of flame (Pique, July 15).

Firstly, I imagine that since avocado toast is the only luxury that we millennials can afford that any fume-smoking vehicle is only briefly in our possession as a rental.

Secondly, driving an RV for a few hours is less polluting than a round-trip flight to Cancun. Even if the AC is buzzing constantly, these allegedly young-people took the lesser of two evils.

Max also says that millennials believe in global warming and want the government to do something about it, implying it is because we don’t want to ourselves.

However, all the science backs up that we could exclusively vacation in tents and even walk to the damn park instead of drive and it wouldn’t make any difference unless huge corporations are held responsible for their profit-seeking/Earth-sacrificing ways.

If Max thought Whistler was bad last week, maybe he should have been in the Gulf of Mexico.

Playing the “generational difference” game is a losing proposition for Max; despite his own lifestyle choices, it was an older generation that made this pact with the devil. I hope he can forgive young people for using AC while trying to enjoy what is left of forests, you know, before they all burn down.

Jena Laycraft // Whistler