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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stronger action needed to stop spread of coronavirus

A stronger response to the coronavirus pandemic is required, according to a letter writer.

An occasional closing of a Whistler bar and/or restaurant is not going to cut it in controlling this pandemic. 

Easterners are now not able to take their spring break in the Caribbean or Mexico—Whistler will be their alternative vacation choice from March 1 to 18. 

Vaccinations in Canada are running at a pace five-per-cent the rate of the United States. Aspen has required a negative COVID-19 test three days prior to arrival since Dec. 15, or a 10-day quarantine, to get on the hill. 

Vail is busy vaccinating those over 60 and school teachers—even Indonesia is vaccinating this age group—[while] we will be working on our seniors likely in May and our school teachers in June. 

Virus variants are on the rise here—40 last weekend—and could overwhelm us by mid-March, according to Simon Fraser University researchers. 

It’s time for some Aussie rules—there, not one death has occurred since late October. 

Canada has suffered 21,000 COVID-19 deaths—Australia 900—one has been 15.6 times more likely to die in Canada. 

Like Aspen, we must discourage non-residents. We should be turning back visitors at Alice Lake unless they can show that they have tested negative within the last 72 hours. 

Without strong measures, Whistler threatens to become a petri dish for this plague.  

We are past the time of “Be kind, be calm, be safe”—it’s time for the hammer.

Lennox McNeely // Whistler