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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking the wood-pile challenge

So there I was ...
woodpiles by Mark grist North Van IMG_4490
Mark Grist answered a callout for photographic evidence of Whistler's wood-stacking skills.

So there I was ... just stoked the woodstove in the cozy cabin (which has a well-worn copy of Norwegian Wood) and sitting down to enjoy a copy of the Pique, when lo and behold there's a well-penned missive from Herr Bruns von Bunpffdorf, requesting photographic evidence of our woodpiles!

[I’m] happy to oblige! Last year's pile [was] 246 cubic feet (almost two cords) of red alder sourced free from a nearby residential project (go to to see the photos). 

It's just a single-width stack facing due south with a stone wall behind and dark pavement beside that radiates a lot of heat. Herr Bruns will notice the pile is not covered... well, those of us who follow Dr. Cliff Mass religiously know that Pacific Northwest summers are very warm and dry with low dew points (Seattle is drier than Phoenix in July!), which rapidly makes for bone-dry, clean firewood. 

You might say we are warmed three times by our firewood.

Mark Grist // North Vancouver