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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks to a Good Samaritan

A Good Samaritan returned a missing bag to a Whistler CANSKI shop last month.

My partner and I have been in Whistler since September 2020 and we've been loving skiing and being part of this community. 

In our time here, we have found a Whistler Blackcomb children's GPS tracker, a purse, a cellphone and credit cards and have always done our best to return them to those responsible or the owners themselves.

How nerve-wracking it is to lose something precious or expensive etc., and don’t we hope “someone” has done the “right thing” and tried to do their best to return it to you. 

In fact, I accidentally left my cellphone at the Upper Village CANSKI and was able to pick it up the next day.    

On the No. 5 bus on March 25 around 5 p.m., …  Oh no! … I left my shopping bag on the bus-stop bench. Returning to the bus exchange, it wasn’t there. But the transit drivers were helpful by radioing the fleet and talking amongst themselves, and offering me tips and encouragement. Very, very kind in a discouraging situation.

Well, as I had my items in a CANSKI bag, I thought as a last resort, to go to the CANSKI Alpine store—it being the closest—and, after asking half the question, the sales agent turned around and grabbed a bag and handed it to me. WOW! Frankly the sales agent and I were both thrilled!

The Good Samaritan had left the bag with the sales agent, not 10 minutes [before]. What could I do but walk back to the bus exchange hugging that bag, hoping the Good Samaritan might see me with my biggest appreciative (masked) smile. Such a good feeling.

I don’t know who returned the bag, but she is good people. I can’t thank her personally, so I choose to do so publicly. Thank you, thank you.

Ursula Scheid // Whistler