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Letter to the Editor: Time for by-law to step up enforcement as Whistler gets busier

'It's time for the municipality to enforce these rules before someone gets seriously hurt'
Empty vilage by Braden Dupuis 28.29 IMG_0235 copy
This Whistler local would like to see more people following the rules when it comes to bikes in the village.

I am truly perplexed at where the by-law officers are to enforce two very simple rules—walking your bike through the village and no dogs on the beach at Lost Lake. 

Ever since COVID-19 struck and the village became a ghost town, bikers have had free reign of the village stroll with impunity. As we see the stroll get more crowded with the return of much needed tourists, I am amazed at how many bikers ride right by the big, yellow signs saying "walk your bikes."

Time and time again I have witnessed close calls between walkers and riders. When will this stop?

At Lost Lake, the by-law officers make their occasional ride through the grassy area looking for open alcohol (it's time to change that by-law BTW!), but nothing is done about all the dogs running up and down the beach.

Sure there are signs at the main entrance to the area, but you'd need a magnifying glass to read them and who does anyway?

Certainly not the dog owners.

Maybe large signs down by the beach could alert owners that this is a dog-free beach and direct them to Canine Cove. It's only a matter of time before some small child is run over by a dog chasing a stick or ball.

It's time for the municipality to enforce these rules before someone gets seriously hurt.

Jamie Pitblado // Whistler