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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Whistler is lucky COVID-19 lockdown not more severe

a-COVID letter

Some people seem to feel Whistler, as a resort, was singled out with [the March 29] orders from [B.C. Public Health Officer] Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Whistler has a population [according to the latest census, 2016,] of approximately [11,864] people. [With] 218 cases last week [that] means almost two per cent of our population contracted [COVID-19] in one week. On top of the others from the week before means more than two per cent of us are fighting and/or carrying the virus.

Greater Vancouver has approximately 2 million residents. If Vancouver recorded new cases in two per cent [of its population] in one week that would mean 40,000 new cases in a week. 

I am sure Dr. Henry would shut the whole city and enact curfews etc.

I feel we are lucky we still have lots of freedom to live our lives in this beautiful place we call home.

Let’s hope we don’t lose any of our current long-time locals that are fighting this virus.

Yes, there are people in this town fighting for their lives.