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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How pathetic are we as Canadians?

Photo by welcomia/Getty Images

Just heading back home to our place here in Whistler, B.C. While driving through Whistler Public Parking Lots 1 to 4, we noticed three American-plated vehicles. We took photos and presented [them] at the Whistler RCMP office—they refused to do anything about it, saying [there was] nothing they can do [and], “these people have every right to be here.”

Really? That is the answer from the people in charge of protecting Canadians?

According to news reports, a number of Americans were fined for being in Banff, Alta.—$1,200 each. The report informed Canadians to call the RCMP to handle any foreign visitor to the country.

Do Americans now have more rights than Canadians? What about our rights to good health? [I’m sure] Canadians have no rights in the U.S.A. (none).

The pandemic gong show that is currently happening down south is something to be feared and respected. If Americans need to go to Alaska, then fly or take the ferry from Bellingham to Alaska. There is no need to risk the lives and health system of Canadians. 

Shut the border, period, to non-essentials.

Canadians are watching and will remember.

When this policy goes sideways, what side will you be on?

Natalie Rock and Jim Brown // Whistler

Vail Resorts’ pass policy unfair

My daughter wrote a complaint/request to Vail Resorts, and was basically told “too bad.”

I’m sure there are many other unsatisfied customers out there. I followed up with a letter and have not received a reply, nor do I expect a satisfactory response. Attached is my letter. I’m sure there are many others out there in our situation. I hope that other Sea to Sky corridor, and Greater Vancouver Regional District customers will write with their complaints.

Dear Vail management,

My daughter purchased an Adult 10-Day Edge card for the 2019-2020 season. The cost was $879. This divides out to $87.90 per day. She used five days. She lost the use of the remaining five days when you closed the mountain. That is a loss of 5 x $87.90 = $439.50. You are stating that you will refund her $175.80. This equals 20% of the pass price. This means that you are keeping $263.70. This equals 30%! In short, you are stealing $263.70. Even the banks don’t charge this amount! To make matters worse, this is not a credit that can be applied to other products such as a 5-Day Edge card. In order to get this refund, she must buy another 10-Day Edge card.

I cannot believe how little an amount you are refunding to my daughter. It is absolutely disgusting. At the very least, the credit should be transferable. In addition, she, and all those in a similar position, should be allowed to use their pass for unlimited summer sightseeing as a thank you for their loyalty.

I request that you increase her credit to 40% of her pass. This equals $351.60. You would still be holding back an unearned 10% (still much greater than the banks’ interest charge) but at least it would be more reasonable. Also, make it a general credit applicable to all Vail products. 

I fully expect this letter to fall on deaf ears as Vail Resorts has made it very clear by their actions that their priority is destination visitors, and that local Whistler to Greater Vancouver Area visitors are quite irrelevant. 

As part-time Whistler residents for the past 20 years, we are a captive audience to the mountain. However, we will seriously reconsider whether or not we will patronize Vail Resorts’ restaurants and shops. There are still plenty of other options in our little town, and guests often ask us where to dine or shop.

Darren Watts // Whistler/Surrey

Should street name be changed?

Why would the Resort Municipality of Whistler council spend the time to change the name of the Squaw Valley Crescent? 

Will they also change the name of the 1960 Olympic Venue site? 

History shows that Whistler is the result of some dedicated local Vancouver individuals saying: We could also host the future Winter Olympic Games—and we did—in 2010.

Peter Alder // Whistler