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Letters to the editor

Now that the election is out of the way (sort of), I would like to thank the person(s) at the RMOW responsible for the installation of the traffic light at the corner of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene Drive.

Now that the election is out of the way (sort of), I would like to thank the person(s) at the RMOW responsible for the installation of the traffic light at the corner of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene Drive.

Was the timing of this much-needed improvement connected to the election date? Perhaps, however only those in the council chambers really know the answer to that one. Let's put it to the test. If our council well and truly has the best interests of all Whistlerites at heart, let's see what they will (or won't) do about the dark stretch of Valley Trail that connects Nancy Greene Drive (via Blackcomb Way) with the village proper.

This is a major pedestrian thoroughfare that connects the predominately "locals" communities of the Nesters area and White Gold with the workplaces and shops in town. On one side of this desolate stretch is a dark, forested area, on the other, the equally dark and desolate Montebello development (you could shoot a cannon through there most nights but the RMOW's definition of what constitutes an occupied "bed" is a matter for another discussion). At night, or late afternoon for that matter, this stretch of trail is pitch black, and navigation is made possible solely by the lights of vehicles driving on the adjacent Blackcomb Way. Of course there are two lights at the entrance of the aforementioned Montebello. One can only assume that these were installed to assist the part-time "residents" who are here so often that they forget where there vacation homes are located!

Is it too much to ask that this trail, used by residents to get to work and play, might "see the light?" Or do we have to wait until the next election for public safety to be on the agenda... only time will tell.

Ian Ward



Christmas from a Muslim’s perspective

I like to offer my comment on the public attention drawn by the Royal Mint’s use of the words "days of giving" substituting for the words "days of Christmas." The latter have been part of the traditional song for scores of years and the Royal Mint deserves criticism for the following reasons.

1. Royal Mint’s sole purpose was to promote their product for commercial gain, and as such, they had no right to play with a tradition which is dear to millions all over the world.

2. Royal Mint has no business of judging what is politically correct.

Christmas represents the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and I as a Muslim revere his coming and his teachings of love and forgiveness. In a religious sense, the Quran (chapter 19) contains the story of the miraculous birth of Jesus as a prophet of God. Furthermore, according to verse 33 Jesus himself spoke of celebrating his birth. No such reference of self declaration of a blessed birth is found about any other historical person in the Quran. I, as a Muslim, therefore have a valid religious reason to participate in the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

There is no reason to shy away from attaching other meanings to Christmas (including holiday season, season of giving, time of reflection..etc) recognizing that all of these are only derivatives of the spirit of Christmas.

To all the readers and particularly to those who may have been offended by the commercially motivated action of the Royal Mint, "Merry Christmas."

Mohammad Afsar


To Whistler Blackcomb regarding your latest billboard poster just west of Culliton Creek on the way to Whistler.

I'd say that is a very testy, tasteless statement and I'm sure it is being viewed each day with a great deal of disdain by this planet’s board of directors and the true powers to be, Mother Earth.

It states:



The Whistler-Blackcomb marketing team must have gotten the tops of their noggins a little too hot while sitting under one of their hot outdoor propane heaters, while reminiscing the awesome El-Nino years we're had in the past. The "Mother" is reading that poster and she doesn't like it. And neither do I.

As for your insane poster at Culliton Creek, you better "Duck and Cover," it just might come back to haunt you/us. And as we can see by the snowpack thus far, I'd say the powers above may have already unleashed a few ghosts, and they've come our way.

As for the propane Global Warming Devices Whistler-Blackcomb and many other culprits around town use, you might as well shut them off now, as "Kyoto Canada" is probably gonna shut them off for you soon enough.

I find it hard to think of anything more idiotic than a company town that relies on snow, that pumps endless amounts of propane heating into the outdoors, right on our front doorstep. I don't mean to be rude but the irony of this is amazing.

You're probably saying right about now, what has El Nino got to do with global warming. Well – DUH, it’s not hard to figure out that a little global warming mixed with a little El Nino equals more heat than the two provide on their own.

Ohhhh yeah baby!

Let's show the world how environmentally sustainable Whistler is.

Yeah right.

The only thing sustainable about Whistler is all the bullshit we spend thousands on talking about it. What a joke.

Scott Fennell



Re: your article dated Friday, Dec. 6, 2002 regarding Whistler Rail Tours and our proposed tourist passenger rail service between Vancouver and Whistler. I want to clarify some of the information that was outlined in the piece.

Whistler Rail Tours is a privately financed company. It has a strategic marketing alliance with CruiseShipCenters. Nita Lake Lodge Corp. and Whistler-Blackcomb, along with Whistler Mayor Hugh O’Reilly, are supporters of the plan that Whistler Rail Tours has submitted to BC Rail. As stakeholders they, along with the community of Whistler stand to benefit greatly from this service. The train station that Nita Lake Lodge is planning to build is also imperative to our proposal, which is to deliver a quality, higher-end travel experience.

I want to make it clear that Whistler Rail Tours has responded to the government’s agenda of Public-Private Partnerships and submitted a proposal to BC Rail to run a tourist-targeted passenger rail service. As yet, there have been no negotiations between Whistler Rail Tours and BC Rail.

I was also a consultant on the project team that developed BC Rail’s Whistler Northwind.

We believe that Whistler Rail Tours has submitted a strong proposal, endorsed by credible organizations and individuals, that will keep tourists and tourism dollars in British Columbia.

Dave Willetts

Whistler Rail Tours


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Shauna Hardy and Kasi Lubin et al for their hard work in making the second annual Whistler Film Festival a reality. The quality and variety of films this year was excellent, and anyone who didn’t have a chance to see these movies missed out.

As I noticed predominantly locals attending the seven films I caught, a special thanks should go out to the locals who supported this endeavour as well.

With the tremendous hard work and foresight of Shauna, Casey and their crew, this town benefited from an intellectual outlet in the form of this festival not available from any other source locally. Keep it coming – I can’t wait until next year!

Brad Kasselman



As the end of the year fast approaches, there are those few people left on your list that you have not found the right gift for. We were hoping that you would consider making a donation to the Whistler Children's Centre in their name.

We have had some extra expenditures, including the replacement of the roof, to improve the daycare environment. The Whistler Children's Centre is a registered charity. If you have not chosen the causes you wish to support this year, we are hoping you will chose this charity – one that directly affects our children.

For a minimum donation of $10 we will give you a Whistler Children's Centre card that you can send as your Holiday greeting card and let the recipient know that you have made a donation in their name. A donation receipt for tax purposes will also be issued.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

Kimberly Gannon for

The fund raising committee of volunteer parents,

Dandelion Daycare Society of the Whistler Children's Centre and Spring Creek Children's Centre


Children’s Christmas Fair a great success

The teachers, students and parents of the Alta Lake School wish to thank everyone who came to enjoy a festive day of crafting at the third annual Children’s Christmas Fair. This fabulous day was made even better by the generous support of Gershon & Co. Accounting and Tax, Nesters Market and the Mountainside Lodge. Hope to see you all at the May Fair!

Thanks and happy holidays.

Jennifer Raffler