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Letters to the Editor for the week of August 29

E-Bikes can co-exist on Valley Trail I would like to offer an alternative opinion to the recent column by Joel Barde ("The Valley Trail is for everybody—but not e-bikes," Pique , July 11) and subsequent negative opinions on Class 1 e-bikes bein
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E-Bikes can co-exist on Valley Trail

I would like to offer an alternative opinion to the recent column by Joel Barde ("The Valley Trail is for everybody—but not e-bikes," Pique, July 11) and subsequent negative opinions on Class 1 e-bikes being allowed on the Whistler valley trail system.

As a family with two young children, we have been using this network year round, (studded tires in the winter) with a cargo e-bike. We have had nothing but positive interactions with trail users of all ages and abilities. Frequent comments and questions revolve around the ability to haul lots of cargo and where bikes can be purchased rather than criticism or disdain for our presence on the Valley Trail. We maintain a reasonable speed, alert other users with a bell, and use basic trail etiquette.

The original column by Joel Barde was unfortunately simple fear mongering based on his assumed risks rather than empirical evidence. Even positive change can sometimes be uncomfortable.

The RMOW has done a great job of progressively managing this change to best accommodate all users of the Valley Trail system. By educating e-bike rental companies and private users on appropriate trail etiquette, we as a community can all share this incredible resource.

As a family, being able to access the Valley Trail system with our Class 1 cargo e-bike has allowed us to significantly reduce our motor vehicle use, free up a parking spot in the village, and provide a healthy, stress-free way of moving around in our community.

I am certain we can all get along on our Valley Trail system.

Chris Williamson // Whistler

Thank you for supporting childcare

The Whistler Waldorf School Societywishes to thank the Province of British Columbia, the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, the Resort Municipality of Whistlerand the Community Foundation of Whistler for helpingto fund the creation of 16 new and critically needed childcare spaces in our community.

In addition, the school would like toacknowledge the ongoing support of MLA Jordan Sturdy, WCSS executive director Jackie Dickinson and Roger Weetman of the RMOW. Their letters of support helped strengthen the Whistler Waldorf School's provincial grant application allowing us the opportunity to operate the new childcare centre. Gratitude also goes out to the Sea to Sky Community Services Society for their patience and flexibility as the facility leaseholder.

A final thank you to themany individuals who supported this important initiative by giving generously at the Whistler Waldorf School fundraising gala held this past June.

Through the generous efforts of all the above, the Whistler Waldorf School is excited to expand its early childhood programming. Whistler Waldorf's licensed group childcareprogram encourages the development of social skills through creative play, enriching stories and ample time in nature. The new program will be located in Spring Creek and isprojected to open in late autumn.

For more information about this new program, please feel free to or

Thank you all for supporting our local children and their families.

Rubeena Sandhu // Director of Education Whistler Waldorf School

Topless march in poor taste

I'm reaching out to protest the topless march that took place in Whistler Village last Sunday, Aug. 25.

Whistler is a family-friendly venue and this type of display is not appropriate for the local families or unsuspecting visitors.

This group's mandate for gender equality is flawed as flaunting their nakedness will only serve to encourage sexualizing women and disrespect/disregard for their bodies and not in any regard make them gender equal to men as they claim. This is totally different from their reference to women getting the vote in 1920 (in Pique's story "Topless march planned for Whistler," Aug. 22.)

By the way, I don't believe I have ever seen a topless man walking around Whistler, so much for equality.

There is already too much pressure on young women and blatant disregard for their rights to privacy. Young teens/preteens are very vulnerable at that age, especially young males and their expectations from the girls at school. "Hey, it must be OK because it was allowed publicly in Whistler."

There are so many youth in Whistler and protecting their innocence should be of more value to the decision-makers of this type of event. Pornography addiction can start at an early age, so can promiscuity and teen pregnancy.

Really? Holding it in the middle of Sunday afternoon and starting at close proximity and in clear view of the children's playground? What are they thinking?

I hope we have a voice to stop this from returning so we don't have to endure it for the next 10 years as Vancouver has.

Ask yourself if you would want your mother, sister, wife or daughter in this march and if the answer is "No," you can be sure it's just not morally right.

If it can't be stopped because of the court ruling that it's not actually indecent exposure (who are they kidding), perhaps there can be another way.

I would appreciate your support by adding your voice and support for keeping common decency and good moral values of top priority and not those of questionable intent.

Gail McKellar // Pemberton

Plea for missing hat

In case the person who took my pink North Face hat from the bus last Thursday afternoon reads this, or if someone knows the person who has my hat, I thought I should share a small story.

In the summer of 2001 I had a seizure; a tumour was found in my brain. Since the tumour was removed, I have always worn a hat on a sunny day. I not only like my new hat. I need a new hat.

Please return my soft pink hat at Whistler Blackcomb Guest Services and I will pay kindness to WAG.

Leslie Weir // Whistler