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Letters to the Editor for the week of November 2nd

An accident waiting to happen (This letter was addressed and sent to municipal council, as well as Pique. ) I write today to express a concern that I've had for some time now, completely recognizing that it's a tough one to tackle.

An accident waiting to happen

(This letter was addressed and sent to municipal council, as well as Pique.)I write today to express a concern that I've had for some time now, completely recognizing that it's a tough one to tackle.

Surely if any of you have been on Whistler Buy and Sell or Craigslist you would have seen the unending list of "beater" vehicles for sale.

While I completely understand that ICBC controls what goes on on the roads, is there not something that we should be doing to monitor the driveability and basic safety standards we should expect of vehicles that we share the roads with here in Whistler? Growing up in Ontario, we had to pass a safety inspection when purchasing a car in order to get it insured.

As this doesn't exist here in Whistler, I can't help but be concerned as the town's lemons get passed around from one seasonal worker to the next — none of whom have a high priority of putting money into a vehicle they'll turn around and sell in a few months.

Should I not have the right to feel safe with the vehicles around me, knowing that their brakes and steering won't fail, or their bald tires will stop them once the snow flies, again?

At the same time, why is Whistler not demanding that car rental companies operating here have mandatory tires (designated mud and snow) included with all rentals, seeing that this is in fact the law from Oct. 1 to March 31 on the Sea to Sky Highway?

It is my opinion that it's just a matter of time before something happens and people get hurt, either by a car that was on its 25th owner and held together by duct tape, or a rental car that was rented out with inadequate tires for the season.

Let's not wait for a tragedy to get the discussion started.

Kate Turner
Whistler and Ontario

New dog beach at One Mile Lake

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Pemberton, I would like to acknowledge all of the excellent help from the volunteers and supporters for completing the dog-beach project that was part of the Village of Pemberton's One Mile Lake Park Master Plan.

Members and friends of the Rotary Club who participated include: Phill Reid; Steve Hitchen; Lisa Ames; Daniel Cindric; Ted Craddock; Hugh Naylor; Sheldon and Isaac Tetrault; Liz Jones; Linda Denduyf; Mark Leverton; as well as Sarah Daws; Jennifer Sanders; Alia Meyers; Phoebe Tefler; Kate Brousso; Kevin Linklater; Connor Westerhome; and members of the Rotary Interac Club of Pemberton.

The project was also supported by: Sabre Rentals; Coastal Mountain Excavations; the Pemberton Valley Dyking District; the Village of Pemberton; CS Jackson Contracting; Another View Landscaping; and Cardinal Concrete.

Thanks to all these volunteers and organizations for another significant improvement to the One Mile Lake Park, now available for use by our local community.

Richard Megeney
Rotary Club of Pemberton

Gala success for SCCS

Baskets of thank yous to the Spring Creek Community School (SCCS) parents and staff, community members and local businesses for supporting SCCS PAC's Parent Gala night at The Venue.

We are grateful for everyone who supported it and who joined on Friday, Oct. 27 to make our Parent Gala night fundraiser a success.

Your willingness to participate, to enjoy a delicious dinner, to purchase raffle tickets, and to socialize with parents and staff created a festive and memorable evening while raising funds for the school. We had 40 people attend and raised approximately $1,500!

Huge thanks to The Venue for hosting our evening and to the Spring Creek PAC executive for organizing the event. The Venue truly glowed with warm light and positive community energy.

And very special thanks to our generous donors who provided prizes for our incredible gift baskets. The raffle of these gift baskets was a highlight of the evening and in turn raised significant new money for our school.

Many thanks to: Crystal Lodge; The Upper Village Market; OntheGo Massage; The Adventure Group; Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; Nesters Market; Nonna Pia's; Green Moustache; Forged Axe Throwing; Coast Mountain Brewing; Kahuna Paddleboards; Bear Necessities; Synergy Wellness; Bounce; Nesters Liquor Store; Scandinave Spa; Haven Health and Massage Therapy; Bearfoot Bistro; Imagine Cinemas; Old Spaghetti Factory; Purebread Bakery; Whoola Toys; Shelley Hansen; and Hy's Steakhouse.

Christine Zucht
Spring Creek Community School PAC