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Letters to the editor for the week of October 31st

Two thumbs up

Two thumbs up

While on a visit to Whistler recently, and in the pro shop at the Nicklaus North Golf Course, I fainted, fell over backward and struck the back of my head on the concrete floor.

As you might expect it was: Concrete Floor 1 and Ron 0 — that was the bad news. The good news was what happened there after, starting with the rapid response of the ambulance staff and their kind attention. At the (health care centre) things continued to improve, with wonderful caring attention to the details by Doctor Monica Rempel, ably assisted by nurses, Ingrid, Sheri, and Franny — they were all so kind and considerate. What a team!!

Dr. Rempel was so understanding and professional with a great sense of humour. I could not have been in better hands — many thanks to all of you for my excellent care.

Whistler residents and visitors should be very proud of the operation.

If I ever get hurt again, regardless of where, I'm having this body shipped to Whistler.

Ron McLean

West Vancouver

Time for healthy work spaces

Combating bullying has been a priority for our government, because bullying touches people of every age across our province. Since the first Pink Shirt Day, led by Premier Christy Clark, we've made it clear that bullying and harassment are unacceptable — at school and in the workplace.

This week is Healthy Workplace Week (Oct. 21-25), so it's important to think about the role of mental health in the workplace. Many employers across B.C. already recognize that good mental health on the job means greater productivity, efficiency and creativity.

For employers who haven't turned their attention to the topic, now is a great time to look at ways to prevent and address bullying and harassment that may exist in the workplace.

New WorkSafeBC requirements come into effect on Nov. 1, and WorkSafeBC has developed a great online tool kit to help employers, supervisors and workers. The online tool kit will help them identify cases of bullying and harassment, and has practical prevention tools as well. If prevention efforts fail, employers will have the information they need to help them address specific incidents.

Information is available at:

It is critical for everyone to take a strong stand against bullying and harassment, whether at school or in the workplace — what better time to start than during Healthy Workplace Week!

Shirley Bond

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour