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Re-Use-It Centre celebrates anniversary with auction

To celebrate the one-year anniversary since doubling in size the Re-Use-It Centre in Function Junction is holding a two-for-one clothing sale on Saturday, Oct. 16.

The centre is also holding a silent auction throughout the month of October on the more than 30 items that are currently hanging on the walls around the building with "Not For Sale" signs on them. The list includes art, antiques, classic phones, mirrors, posters and more, some of which are quite valuable.

The bidding will be resolved the week following Halloween, which is the Re-Use-It Centre’s busiest time of the year.

"It’s the time of year when so many people arrive in town and people are looking for Halloween costumes, so we’re swamped. We’ll wrap up the silent auction the week after that to give people some space to get one last look at the items, and it will make it easier for us," said Maureen Liddy, the Re-Use-It Centre co-ordinator for the Whistler Community Services Society.

All funds from the silent auction will go towards the WCSS, which has taken on more responsibilities this year, including LUNA (Late and Unique Nighttime Alternatives) and the Whistler Employment Resource Centre with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.

"With new responsibilities we thought we should have some kind of fundraiser and people are always commenting on these unique items we have around the Re-Use-It Centre. Some of them are just spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces, so we expect the bidding and the interest in some of the items to be high," said Liddy.

Revenue from the Re-Use-It Centre has been far better than anyone suspected before the centre opened. The WCSS now uses Re-Use-It Centre revenue to fund programs such as the food bank, emergency social assistance, welcome week and more.

The Re-Use-It Centre opened in 2000, and quickly outgrew its space. Liddy says the renovation that doubled the size of the centre was crucial, allowing more room for furniture, housewares and sports equipment. However, their space is still limited and people should check with the centre – at 604-932-1121 – before they bring appliances and large pieces of furniture.