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The Webby Awards Part VI

For the past five weeks Cybernaut has been covering the Annual Webby Awards, presented by the Academy of Digital Arts and Design to the best of the best Web sites in more than 30 different categories, from Activism to Sports.

For the past five weeks Cybernaut has been covering the Annual Webby Awards, presented by the Academy of Digital Arts and Design to the best of the best Web sites in more than 30 different categories, from Activism to Sports. This week will cover the final four categories; Technical Achievement, Travel, TV, and Weird.

Technical Achievement

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection ( ) – For the past 20 years David Rumsey has been collecting historical maps from the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceana. The information is available using two proprietary formats, and certain maps allow you to overlay historical maps on current version.

Google ( ) – If you haven’t already switched to using the Google search engine, give it a try. Not much slips through the cracks, with more than two billion Web pages indexed.

Memorystick ( ) – If your life is ruled by gadgetry, like cell phones, digital cameras, PDA’s, laptops, and digital camcorders, then prepare to be impressed by the capabilities of next generation memory cards.

REBOL Internet ( ) – REBOL enables you to create your own private network with friends, family, co-workers, suppliers, and customers where you can share data and applications in real time.

Volantis Systems ( ) – Wireless technology for businesses that has the ability to grow and adapt.


IgoUgo ( ) – An online travel club where you can book your travel arrangements, and read the real life experiences of travellers who have been to your destination.

Lonely Planet Online ( ) – Produced by the same people behind The Lonely Planet travel television show and guidebooks, The Lonely Planet Web site truly is a one-of-a-kind travel site with up-to-date information on just about everywhere you might want to go, and some advice how to get there. ( ) – Find last minute deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel arrangements.

Travel Intelligence ( ) – Travel journalism, as well as information to help you make unique vacation plans, prizing character over luxury, price and service.

World Hum ( ) – Similar to Travel Intelligence, World Hum is real travel journalism by real world travellers, stepping off the usual paths to find and chronicle those experiences you can only have on the move.


BBCi ( ) – The world’s best news and information station is even more comprehensive in Web form.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ( ) – This is the official Web site of CSI, a popular CBS series about a group of special investigators that go to crime scenes, collect forensic information, and make observations that inevitably lead to arrests. The site has information on the shows, the characters, even the real-life crime scene technology they use in their investigations.

E! Online ( – The E! network is all about Hollywood showbiz – the A-list personalities, the events, the rumours, and even the clothes they wear to premiers, charitable events, awards ceremonies.

The Osbournes ( ) – Ozzie Osbourne has seen some highs and lows in his rock star life – mostly highs – more than any of us could possibly imagine. It’s hard to reconcile the Ozzy who once bit the head off a dead bat in a concert with the loving husband and father in The Osbournes television series, but that’s part of the appeal. Funny, touching, and real.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire ( ) – Although the show ran out of ‘Life Lines’, you can still enjoy the Web site for a little while longer.


All Your Base Are Belong To Us ( ) – The unfortunate Japanese to English translation for a Sega Genesis game called Zero Wing paved the way for a whole online cult. Weird and nerdy stuff.

Cut Off My Feet ( ) – A man who lost the use of his lower legs following a car accident has found his Medicare plan unwilling to pay for prosthetics legs that would allow him to walk again. Partly out of his need to make a lasting statement about the government and the state of health care, and partly out of his desire to walk again, Paul Morgan has built a guillotine to chop off his own feet, which you can pay to watch via the Internet.

Devices of Wonder ( ) – This is a freak show of human inventions, combining science, creativity and a dollop of inspired madness.

Mind Control Forum ( ) – A catch-all site for alleged mind control experiments by various governments and government agencies, focusing on the stories and the accounts of victims.

Spamradio ( ) – An internet and phone spam message archive. Annoying stuff, but this site tries to pick out the best, the worst and the most unusual.

To find out who won the 2002 Webby Awards, visit .