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Webby Awards Part VI

The Webby Awards ( ) were handed out on June 18, about a week too early for our purposes at Pique.

The Webby Awards ( ) were handed out on June 18, about a week too early for our purposes at Pique. All told, more than 30 awards were handed out in different categories by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences at a special reception in San Francisco.

In past weeks, Cybernaut has reviewed the nominees in categories ranging from Activism to Politics. Because it’s an honour to be nominated – and because we were about a week too late starting the reviews – we’re going to continue to review the nominated sites. Maybe you’ll find something here you can use.

Print & ‘Zines

Mr. Beller’s Neighbourhood ( ) – Mr. Beller lives on Manhattan, and loves New York. This site collects poetry, fiction, all forms of writing on the city.

Salon Magazine ( ) – A high-brow, subjective and often controversial look at the day’s events and issues as written and conceived by a staff of highly gifted writers.

National Geographic ( ) – National Geographic is not a magazine anymore but an institution, as revered and respected as they come. The website goes even deeper than the magazine in many ways with online-only features, links and special projects.

ONTHERAIL ( ) – An irreverent food and drink ‘zine for people on the go.

The Smoking Gun ( ) – "The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents – cool, confidential, quirky – that can’t be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, we guarantee everything here is 100 per cent authentic."


BBC Radio 4 ( ) – Talk radio at its best, but with a British focus. The world news is excellent, however. ( ) – Rock ’n’ Roll isn’t dead, it’s on kpig.

RTE Interactive Radio ( ) – Web radio from Ireland, with stations for news, Irish language programming, old music and new music.

Transom ( ) – " is an experiment channeling new work and voices to public radio through the Internet for discussing work and learning more."

YouthRadio ( – Talk radio and new music aimed at America’s youth.


Becoming Human ( ) – A documentary on human evolution, and on how things may have gone down.

NASA Earth Observatory ( ) – An in-depth look at our planet from orbiting satellites collecting a wide array of information.

EFunda ( ) – "eFunda is a premier online publisher for original engineering content and software. We off over 30,000 pages of engineering fundamentals and calculators… to give you the most credible engineering information."

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics ( ) – This math site bills itself as the Web’s Most Extensive Mathematics Resource.

SciTech Daily Review ( ) – Daily science and technology news of interest to everybody from scientists to the scientifically challenged.


Embark ( ) – A guide to undergraduate schools, law schools, business schools, career and technical schools around the world, as well as advice for international students.

Evite ( ) – Online invitations for events.

GoToMyPC ( ) – A site that allows you to access and control your home PC, work PC or network from almost anywhere.

Ryze ( ) – It’s not what you know, it’s who. Ryze is a free service that allows you to meet other people in high-tech, finance and digital media industries and develop long-term business relationships.

TicketWeb ( ) – Buy tickets to events and venues you won’t find anywhere else.


Beliefnet ( ) – Whatever your beliefs, the bottom line is faith. Beliefnet is a multi-denominational site promoting understanding, tolerance and re-emphasizing the importance of faith.

Glide Memorial Church ( ) – "A Church Without Walls."

Grace Cathedral ( ) – A progressive and front line ministry in San Francisco that discusses issues with a frankness and openness that many ministry’s would shy away from.

Islamic Studies ( ) – Islamic Studies at the University of Georgia.

The Vatican ( ) – The Web site belonging to The Vatican City, the seat of the Pope.


2002 FIFA World Cup ( ) – If you’re into footie, this is the place to be. ( ) – Getting away from it all? This magazine is the place to go to be inspired, to come up with ideas, and to outfit yourself for the great outdoors.

ESPN ( ) – The original sports network.

San Francisco 49ers ( ) – The official site of the San Francisco 49ers.

Surfline ( ) – Surf news and views, live cams, weather reports for water-loving, wave-riding folk.