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Welcome, Whistler virgins, tourney and book sale thanks, another dog attack, another Beaudry attack, and what's with high school ed?

Have fun this year new staff Wow, what an amazing day. The first day of the Turkey Sale was filled with smiles and eyes hungry for powder.

Have fun this year new staff

Wow, what an amazing day. The first day of the Turkey Sale was filled with smiles and eyes hungry for powder. It was great to see all the “rookies” piecing together all their equipment for the epic season we are about to endure. Sidewalk sales a-plenty, helpful advice from retail shops and sunshine, what an amazing day!

It turned a little sour for me when I was following some locals home though, they were speaking about alcohol. They were amused by the seriousness of alcohol addiction. Speaking of another who wasn’t around, they mocked his solution to a serious problem. His solution was putting his faith in the all mighty GOD.

It was painful to hear their remarks like that, especially when it concerns a person’s health and wellbeing. Why should this person they were speaking of be tormented for overcoming such an arduous fixation?

I was close enough to say to them “end others’ suffering” but I’m sure self-centred individuals like them didn’t understand. If I were to meet the person they were speaking of before his transformation I would have told him “yo dawg you drink too much”, if I were to see him today I would say “keep up the good work”.

Helping others and giving to others is the best thing we can do for ourselves, it may sound bombastic now but try it. In such a fun party town with more “good times” than anyone can keep up with, it’s hard to not get caught up in the hype.

So Whistler virgins, enjoy and love this wonderful resort, save your money for gear upgrades, hip hop concerts and festivals. Keeping your alcohol consumption to a minimum will guarantee you superb health and more fresh tracks than you can imagine.

Let it snow X 3.

Jesse Wilson



WASP thankful for support

On behalf on the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation for making us the beneficiary of this year’s TELUS Mountain Valley Classic Golf Tournament held on Sept. 22. The amount raised has far exceeded our expectations and is an incredible contribution to our growing organization.

For those of you that were there I think you will join me in saying that it was a fabulous day with great weather, great golf and fantastic entertainment! I would like to send a very special thank you to Mei McCurdy and her team who worked tirelessly over many months to put together this outstanding event. We are extremely grateful to Mei for her support and hard work, to the Foundation's Board of Directors and everyone who was involved in the TELUS Mountain Valley Classic Golf Tournament.

We are truly proud to have the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation join our family of supporters alongside Scotiabank, Whistler-Blackcomb and RMOW.

This is such an exciting time for WASP and we are ready for the snow to fly and the winter season to get under way. Thanks to the success of the Foundation's event we can reach more and more people with disabilities and enable them to experience this magnificent recreational setting.

Sian Blyth


Whistler Adaptive Sports Program



Reading and rewards

The Giant Used Book Sale once again attracted readers young and old, who came, looked and chose books, and generously donated a grand total of $4,500. Thanks go to all of you and happy reading!

All the money raised goes to the school libraries at Spring Creek and Whistler Secondary to increase their collections.

Huge thanks also go out to the IGA for once again allowing the sale to take place in front of the store, to Pique Newsmagazine and the Whistler Question for getting the word out, to Nesters Market and TD Canada Trust for being collection depots, and to the Creekside Merchants Association for lending us their tables.

A group of dedicated volunteers helped sort, transport books and man the sale....including Mo and John Richmond, Libby McKeever, Alison Hunter and Gary Pringle, Kashi Richardson, Lil Goldsmid, Fiona Halliwell, Jaqui Tyler, Yvonne Crofton, Jane and Garry Clifford, Jenny Roote, Linda McGaw, Maureen Chaddock, Brenda Norrie, Stephanie Murray, Bev Newell, Kris Shoup, Alix Nichol, Len Van Leeuwen, Andree and Bill Janyk and Rick Reid. This community event is only possible with your help. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, thank you to all of you readers who so generously donated books to the sale. Whistler is obviously a town full of avid readers, which is what makes the Used Book Sales so successful!

Jane Reid, Organizer




Do the right thing

To the person who owns the large, stocky, black, brown and reddish striped bullmastiff with the black long-studded collar which, entirely unprovoked, attacked our dog Addy, at The Hub, on Thursday, Oct. 5 at approximately 3:40 p.m., please contact me at 604-902-1472.

Addy has sustained severe injuries to her neck, requiring stitches and drainage to clear the fluid build-up under her skin. I am extremely disappointed that you did not return to The Hub later that day to see what your dog did to Addy, as you had promised. Step up and take responsibility for what your animal has done. We trust that you are probably aware of what it is capable of; if it had been a small child walking past your animal rather than our gentle Addy the result would have been horrendous.

We hope that you will be responsible enough to take the necessary steps, perhaps ensuring that your animal is muzzled in public, to ensure it no longer poses a threat to others.

And to anyone who knows of this distinctive animal, please urge its owner to do the right thing.

Rob Ricci




Common sense please, idiot

I cannot believe you told the story of an ex-employee of Whistler-Blackcomb (Intrawest) who was “let go” because he was, and obviously is still, an idiot (Pique, Alta States Sept. 28). And the fact that you did, makes you an even bigger idiot!

$126 million, that’s only 4.5 per cent of the $2.8 billion sale price to Fortress. I am sure Joe Houssian risked more than $126 million at some point in time. Uncle Joe got ripped off!

I can’t help but notice that the Pique Magazine is a lot thicker than it once was, say before Uncle Joe came to town. A bit of common sense, please editor.

Too bad Michel didn’t have what it takes, to be employed by Intrawest; he could too have made some money, when he cashed in his shares!

Andrew Tacilauskas




Demand more for children

I was having breakfast with my girlfriend, talking about her daughter’s last year of high school as well as her plans to continue her education. A few things came up during our conversation I found unbelievable. For starters, high school students attending Whistler’s only high school are not able to take all the courses required to continue their education. In fact, due to a lack of teachers, many students are forced to teach themselves through online distance education, referred to as “learning labs”. The school system rationalizes these shortcomings by saying this is good for the students, it teaches them responsibility.

I seem to remember requiring a little more structure during my education. In fact, I am sure we can all remember those teachers who stood out, and really helped guide us during high school, after all it is a unique profession of powerful role models. I doubt a computer can offer the same.

I find it especially disturbing as we struggle with where to put our new arena, and all of our other Olympic legacies, with all the associated costs (in the millions), our new highway, whether to P3 or not to P3, and so on. So much money seems to flow in and out of this town, yet here in a community which is supposed to be a leader amongst communities we are falling flat on our face, short in one of the most important areas, our children’s education.

As a parent of a much younger child and living in Squamish this is not my fight. But to all those parents who are and will be facing this unacceptable dilemma, I encourage you to stand up demand more.

Jeff Wilgosh