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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Whistler Health Care Centre staff—you saved our son’s life


This is an open letter to the incredible emergency staff at the Whistler Health Care Centre.

Our nearly two-year old son had a very serious anaphylactic food reaction on Sunday evening, Jan. 17. After I gave him an injection of epinephrine at home, we rushed to the emergency room, where we were greeted by the entire staff.

The next four hours were the scariest hours of our lives as the medical team worked extremely hard to stabilize Parker, while also managing to make us feel safe throughout it all. We knew our little man was in the best hands (not an easy feat when dealing with a terrified and very sick toddler and his equally terrified parents).

They went above and beyond for us, and the doctor even stayed past the end of his shift to wait with us for the critical care pediatric team to come up from the city and bring us to Lions Gate Hospital, where we would spend the night. The doctor said that he was not leaving until we left, and that was an extraordinary level of care.

At a time when their jobs are more critical and scary than ever before, the Whistler staff exuded nothing but calmness, compassion, and the highest level of skill.

Their quick thinking and seamless teamwork saved our son’s life, and we are eternally grateful.

So, to Dr. Clark Lewis, and nurses Tracey Kavanagh and Emma Haggerty, and everyone else on shift that night, we wanted to say THANK YOU a gazillion times over. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! 

Parker is currently painting a thank you “masterpiece” for your office windows (haha).

Parker, Nora, and Stu Clarke // Whistler

Life-saving equipment came from fundraisers by mountain-bike community

A group not mentioned in last week’s “’Herculean effort’ rescues Whistler senior who fell through ice at Alta Lake,” story (Pique, Jan. 14, 2021) was Whistler’s mountain-bike community.

A mountain-bike guide died one Monday evening while guiding a group of riders in Lost Lake Park. Ken Quan was the well-known and liked manager of Whistler’s IGA, now Fresh St. Market. Ken, while guiding and riding shotgun for his group, fell from his bike. The first responders could not revive him despite their Herculean efforts. It was later found out that Ken was most likely deceased before he reached the ground as a result of massive heart failure.

A fellow guide and member of WORCA at that time organized an annual race/ride to provide funds to provide Whistler’s first responders the opportunity to purchase equipment not provided for in their budgets.

The Ken Quan Memorial Ride, over the span of 11 riding seasons, provided first responders with funds for some very impactful, life-saving equipment. The last purchase was the Rapid Deployment Craft (RDC) used to save the cross-country-skiing senior (in Pique’s story).

Maybe it is time for WORCA to reach out to the first responder community and once again create another fundraising event whose funds can be used to assist those who come to our aid in our time of need. 

Just a thought.

Tom Thomson // Whistler 

Looking for home, sweet home

Like so many in Whistler, I’m on the hunt for my dream home. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a desperate personal plea disguised as a Letter to the Editor.

I’m looking for a home for Zero Ceiling. We’re a Whistler non-profit that provides stability and opportunity for young people facing homelessness. In the last year, we’ve seen more demand for our services than ever before, as these vulnerable young people suffer some of the harshest consequences of the pandemic.

Luckily, though, we’ve received federal funding to provide a long-term home for young people who are here, living and working in Whistler. In the next two weeks, we need to find a four- or five-bedroom home: a place where they feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

Of course, we know the challenges of renting in Whistler. But we’re awesome tenants: you would rent directly to Zero Ceiling, we would sign a minimum 12-month lease, and our staff are on-site every day to ensure you home is cared for.

I know this home is out there: please help us find it as soon as possible. Tell your friends and family, and if you can help, contact me at or call 604-902-4253.

You’ll be providing a life-changing opportunity for some incredible young people who are building lives in our community.

Lizi McLoughlin // Development Manager, Zero Ceiling