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Woodfibre LNG hosts VR viewing of the future liquefied natural gas facility

Users who attended a session could view the compressor station, flare and floating storage—among other aspects—with tech. Future dates to use VR to come in 2024.
Reporter Andrew Hughes using VR to view the future Woodfibre LNG export facility at Executive Suites Hotel on Oct. 26.

In the last couple of weeks, Woodfibre LNG (WLNG) has been hosting virtual reality viewings of what the liquefied natural gas export facility will look like on the ground when complete.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 26, WLNG hosted 15 to 20-minute sessions at Executive Suites Hotel with the VR tech for those interested in learning more about the facility. The Squamish Chief attended one session and could see the compressor station, flare, floating storage and other aspects at the site.

The technology allowed the user to see it from a ground-level point of view, but also have a look from above. The user could move throughout the site relatively easily. Additionally, several WLNG employees were on hand to point out different aspects of the site and explain additional details.

If local residents missed these two sessions, a spokesperson from WLNG told The Chief that the company would be having future sessions with the technology, likely in early 2024. Keep a look out for ads and social media postings from them in the coming months.

In July 2023, representatives from WLNG took media members on a site tour on the western shore of Átl'ka7tsem Howe Sound. While there, the representatives explained how it would look while crews were busy preparing the land for the future export facility.

Since then District of Squamish staff have relayed some information to council about the progress of the facility, which was most recently discussed at the Oct. 17 regular business meeting. It is expected that the temporary use permit application for the floating worker accommodation (floatel) will be presented to council in the coming months along with a public hearing.

For more information about the liquefied natural gas export facility, please visit

Video shot by Jayne Czarnocki.