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Don't release goldfish into the wild

One Mile Lake Nature Centre sends out reminder after local discovery
Photo by tanuha2001/Getty Images

Little Cleo isn't meant to live out life in the wild, but probably not for the reasons you're thinking, the One Mile Lake Nature Centre is reminding the public.

The centre posted a message on Facebook discouraging people from releasing pets such as goldfish into the wild after some were recently found in One Mile Lake.

"Some people release their pets into natural areas thinking that they will live out their short lives in a peaceful location. The reality is that most non-native fish are really great at surviving and thriving in all kinds of ecosystems," the post said. "Goldfish can have thousands of young per year and can threaten habitat important for our native fish like salmon and trout."

The post also encourages gardeners to be cognizant of which plants they are introducing into their gardens.

For more information on invasive species, visit the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council at or BC Invasives at