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Village of Pemberton council preview for Tuesday, July 28

First look: SOFI report; Strategic priorities; New park proposed
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HERE'S A QUICK LOOK at what you can expect at the Village of Pemberton (VOP) council meeting on July 28 starting at 9 a.m.

SOFI report on tap

Council is set to receive its 2019 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI). 

Among the SOFI report’s highlights: as of Dec. 31, 2019, the VOP reduced its debt to roughly $4.7 million from $5.1 million at the end of 2018. Meanwhile, wages, salaries and benefits rose to just over $2.9 million from $2.3 million, and materials, supplies and contracted services jumped to roughly $2.3 million from $1.8 million.

All told, though, the VOP ran a surplus of $7.1 million in 2019 compared to $4 million in 2018.

Strategic priority list

Also on the docket is the list of strategic priorities for each department.

In terms of corporate priorities for council and the chief administrative officer, the affordable housing implementation plan tops the list, followed by economic development strategy, municipal facilities, daycare expansion and climate action plan.

Other considerations are: asset management, official community plan (OCP) update, boundary extension, single use plastic bag bylaw and improved monitoring for events such as floods and landslides, as well as creating partnerships for regional transit and creating a second entrance to town.

New public park proposed

The VOP is pitching constructing a new public park near the Lillooet River.

The Village has held a lease at the site, on Highway 99 at the north side of the Lillooet River Bridge, since 1997, as it hosted the wastewater treatment plant until 2010. When the plant moved to its new site on Airport Road, the Village’s intention was to restore green space at the site. In her report, legislative assistant Elysia Harvey said Friendship Trail construction has hastened that need.

Additionally, Harvey noted that the Lil’wat Nation and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans have jointly requested a boat launch as there are none in the area.

“The location along the Friendship Trail and the Valley Loop Trail is a suitable site for a public park to be shared by residents of both the Village of Pemberton, SLRD (Squamish-Lillooet Regional District) and Lil'wat Nation as well as visitors to the area, and offers a destination and a rest point for people from all three communities walking or riding the trail,” Harvey wrote in her report. “The proposed boat launch will be open to the public and could be utilized by DFO and Lil'wat Nation as part of their fisheries management program and by Pemberton Search and Rescue.”

Another consideration, Harvey notes, is that the location is popular for unauthorized camping and establishing a park would reduce litter and fire risk associated with the activity.

Council to consider postponing tax sale

With residents struggling financially in the wake of COVID-19, council will consider offering a hand.

Manager of Finance Lena Martin wrote a report exploring postponing until 2021 the sale of properties whose owners are delinquent on their taxes. The provincial government allowed for the possibility with Ministerial Order M159 on May 15.

Taxes were due on July 2, and Martin noted that 12 properties owing nearly $36,000 are currently in the tax sale listing.

“Property owners accrue daily interest and have until the morning of the tax sale to pay their delinquent taxes and remove the property from the sale,” Martin wrote in her report. “Properties with outstanding delinquent taxes on the tax sale date are sold for a minimum upset price calculated from all taxes owing (delinquent, arrears and current) plus administration fees and charges related to the tax sale.”

Quarterly reports

Council will catch up with several departments during the meeting.

Manager of Finance Lena Martin, Manager of Development Services Lisa Pedrini, Manager of Operations and Projects Tom Csima and Fire Chief Robert Grossman are all slated to present quarterly reports. As well, Manager of Corporate and Legislative Services Sheena Fraser will update council on its outstanding resolutions.

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