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Ravens Crest gets fourth reading

Housing development can now proceed, barring permits

Ravens Crest has finally been approved for development in Pemberton.

That's according to Mayor Jordan Sturdy, who said that council unanimously passed fourth and final reading of a rezoning Tuesday night that will allow the developers to put up a major housing development on Pemberton's Hillside.

"I think somebody actually mentioned that they thought it was a bit anti-climactic," Sturdy said. "But when you get to fourth and final after all this process, all the feedback, incorporation of changes, you do the public hearing, you do third reading... having things go sideways at fourth and final is something that I think we'd like to try and avoid."

The rezoning permits single residential dwellings with minimum lot sizes of 20,000 square metres as a base density, with no more than two dwellings located on a parcel. The rezoning also permits development of townhomes.

Approximately $1.8 million will be paid to the Village of Pemberton in community amenity charges at a cost of $9,165 per single-family unit and $6,110 per townhouse unit.

Sturdy also noted that no election candidates showed up for the meeting aside from the incumbents already serving on council, despite Ravens Crest being a contentious issue among some community members leading up to the election.

"The current councillors thought it was particularly funny," he said.