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sea to sky film festival

Sea to Sky film festival By Oona Woods It’s not too late to catch the second night of the Sea to Sky Film Festival tonight (Sept. 18) at the Eagle Eye Theatre in Squamish.

Sea to Sky film festival By Oona Woods It’s not too late to catch the second night of the Sea to Sky Film Festival tonight (Sept. 18) at the Eagle Eye Theatre in Squamish. The festival, which is in its third year, was founded in order to celebrate and showcase independent films. "We want to expose the town folks to high calibre indie films that could not be seen on TV," says festival director and founder Adriane Polo. "We are aiming to expose them to different varieties and genres of film as well as experiencing the different textures and styles of filmmaking. And to provide another venue for independent filmmakers to showcase their work." Submissions for the festival, on both 16 mm and 35 mm as well as professional quality video, have come from around the world. All submissions will be judged by a knowledgeable panel of five local judges and the results will be announced at tonight’s gala. This year’s categories are: drama, comedy and documentary, varying in length from under 10 minutes to under an hour. New this year is the People’s Choice Award for the most popular film screened. Tickets for tonight’s gala performance are $7, available on the door or from the Howe Sound Inn, Eclectic Kitchen, and IDA Pharmacy. The event will be hosted by Susan Knight of Mountain FM. Tonight’s lineup features 11 films — including three world premieres, one North American premier and one Canadian premiere — and five speakers. Tonight’s films, which get underway at 7 p.m., are: The Boy Next Door (Canadian Premiere) Carl Pfirman, Los Angeles (Comedy L) 13 minutes A black comedy about love, loss, and sibling rivalry. Sombrio (World Premiere) Mathew J Blecha, Vancouver (Drama L) 13 minutes Speaker: Mathew J Blecha The relationship between a mother and daughter on the West Coast of Vancouver Island changes after the girl examines an old photo album in which the pictures come to life. The Bathroom Poet (World Premiere) Marcus Wade, Vancouver (Drama L) 23:33 minutes Speaker: Fred Keating An ignorant, uneducated homeless man collects bathroom graffiti until he’s caught and interrogated for a crime he did not commit. The shake down reveals an unusual relationship with his father, a world record breaking shit and the ultimate demise of them both. Middle Sean Garrity, Winnipeg (Comedy S) 5:45 minutes "Why am I alienated if I’m middle class in the middle of the city, in the middle of North America, in the middle of the world?" A Cure For Serpents Elise MacAdam, New York (Drama L) 14 minutes No dirt. No touching. No germs. No life... until Lucy decides to let her boyfriend inside. Balija (North American Premiere) Matteo Piccinini and Jovelly, Italy (Drama S) 5 minutes A girl meets a group of orphans. Observing them closely she realises that one of them could be the child she abandoned at birth. Then something strange happens... Intermission The Breath Of Life John Grabowska, West Virginia (Documentary) 27:19 minutes In 17th century New Mexico, Franciscan friars imposed European culture on Pueblo society. The consequences of this experiment proved catastrophic for both groups, despite their tantalizing similarity in world view. After Shock Jason Margolis, Vancouver (Drama L) 15 minutes Speaker: Jason Margolis A group of friends attempt to make a documentary about the day they decide that their agoraphobic friend, Tammy, will leave her apartment. Tammy’s lack of co-operation forces the group to confront their feelings about a tragic event in their past. Dike Lisa Hayes, Toronto (Comedy S) 8:50 minutes What do you do when your bodily fluids come out before you do? Dike is the story about one woman’s struggle against compulsory heterosexuality. The Two Roses (World Premiere) Dean Locke, Vancouver (Docudrama) 9:30 minutes Speakers: Suzanne Thompson, Dean Locke In this period film, a family living in Delta, B.C., learns of the impending internment of their Japanese Canadian friends and neighbours. Anna In The Sky Mark Edgington, Brooklyn (Drama S) 10 minutes Justin turns to the dark arts to win back the fickle Anna.