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Photos + Video: Here's what the new SkyTrain cars look like

The driver's seat is still around!

TransLink is showing off its new Mark Vs.

The Vancouver transit agency has been waiting for the new SkyTrain cars for a while; more than 200 new cars are on order to replace the original Mark Is and add capacity as the Broadway Subway opens up.

The first completed ones arrived on the West Coast in December 2023 after being shipped, by train, from a factory in Ontario where they were built.

"Soon, you’ll see it making appearances on the SkyTrain tracks when it continues the testing and commissioning process as it prepares to enter service at the end of this year," says TransLink on its site.

While they may look like most other SkyTrain cars to casual riders, regular commuters will notice a variety of differences, upgrades or returning features.

One difference is new seating arrangements, to allow more flexibility. 

"This makes it easier for customers who use a wheelchair, as well as customers with strollers, bikes and luggage to move around in the cars," states TransLink. "It also increases the capacity of the train, which is helpful during the busiest times of the day."

A popular feature making its return is the "driver's seat." At the front of the train, the seat in the middle looks out the front window of the driverless SkyTrain. This feature is included on the Mark IIs and IIIs, and now on the Mark Vs.

Communication on the new trains has been upgraded as well, with new LED indicators and LCD displays. TransLink notes it should be a more comfortable ride, with a variety of improvements to air circulation.