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Here is how much Canadian interest in travel is rising: survey

Interest in travel is rising month-over-month ✈️ Are you ready to hit the road?
A new survey finds most Canadians plan to stay home over the December 2021 holidays or keep their travel local—but interest in travel is rising.

A new survey finds that the majority of Canadians plan to stay home over the holidays or keep their travel local—but interest in travel is rising.

Finder, an independent comparison platform, surveyed 224,371 people in 19 countries to find out how coronavirus restrictions affect residents' plans to travel domestically or internationally. 

The company's November Travel Index reveals that 22 per cent of Canadians (roughly one in five people) plan to travel in the next three months, which is up from 13.5 per cent from its October survey results.

Report authors note that Canadians also expressed more interest in domestic travel since the last survey, climbing from 8.7 per cent in October to 12 per cent in November. 

Similarly, the interest in international travel has grown month-over-month, with 12 per cent of Canadians expressing plans to travel abroad, up from 6.7 per cent of respondents in the October survey. 

Canadian women are more eager to hit the road, but only by a slim margin. According to the survey, 21.7 per cent of women plan to travel in the coming three months versus 21.3 per cent of men.

Finder adds that planning a vacation a few months in advance "may be a thing of the past." In most countries, the majority of people planned for travel in the month immediately following the survey, which speaks to uncertainty in the ever-changing pandemic travel landscape. 

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