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You, Me, Sushi:

The Best of London's Sushi Scene

Canada's appreciation for Japanese cuisine is no secret and Whistler is proof of this. Considering the size of the town, Whistler boasts an impressive number of Japanese eateries, satisfying the cravings of any sushi fanatic. From a lavish four course meal at Sushi Village, to grabbing a spicy tuna roll combo from Sushi To Go, to chicken teriyaki and a bowl of hearty ramen from Creekside's Samurai Sushi, you are never too far from a taste of Japan.

For a keen sushi sampler like myself, discovering Whistler's array of sushi options was a welcome surprise upon my arrival. Back home in London, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to going out for sushi and for those visiting England's capital I imagine the infinite number of establishments claiming to serve "London's Best Sushi" is a bit overwhelming. For this reason, I have put together a carefully collated, tried-and-tested guide of the must-eat spots in LDN. The following list has been lovingly considered, compiled and gifted to you, the reader, by a habitual Londoner, fellow sushi lover and self-confessed greedy guts!

Get In Touch with Japan @ Inamo

With central locations in Soho, Covent Garden and Camden, you should definitely try to make an appearance at Inamo, London's only interactive restaurant group. In keeping with the innovative, futuristic culture of Japan, the concept is for diners to place their orders via interactive projections on the surface of their table. The interactive menu enables guests to place their orders by simply touching their table top. Yep! The menus also include a selection of retro arcade games, colouring-book style features and even the option to nosey around the kitchen with a live "chef-cam" feed. While the novelty factor may entice you, it is not just the interactive technology that makes this dining experience memorable — the food and service is also worthy of high praise.

An Authentic Affair @ Dozo Sushi

Escape the busy streets of Soho and step into the Japanese simulator that is Dozo Sushi. The sushi specialists behind these restaurants have successfully achieved the ultimate Japanese experience. Prepare to plonk yourself down crosslegged on a floor cushion because that is how you will be eating your sashimi at this London eatery. Dozo Sushi's dinner menu is extensive, their sushi dangerously moreish but also on the pricier side, so to avoid blowing your entire holiday budget, I would recommend heading here during the day to take advantage of the more reasonably priced lunch menu. The Salmon Yaki Ramen is sublime, should you fancy something warm.

Grab and Go @ Feng Sushi

Nestled in amongst the many amazing food stalls at London's famous Borough Market, Feng Sushi's fresh, handcrafted platters stand out from the crowd. With their various sharing platters, hot dishes and gorgeously gooey gyoza, this is an ideal pit stop for anyone craving sushi during a stroll along the Southbank. Perfect for on-the-go grazing.

Sushi in the Sky @ SushiSamba

By far the fanciest and most high-end of all my recommendations, this sushi spot can be found at the top of the Heron Tower in the financial district of the City of London. Upon arrival you will be whisked to the 38th and 39th floor — in a glass elevator, may I add — before being greeted by a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. With cocktails as mouth-watering as the food, this is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends. Be sure to head out onto the terrace to soak up the spectacular views of the city as well as the restaurant's visual centrepiece, a big, beautiful, burnt-orange coloured tree that lights up the sky as soon as the sun goes down. The views from Sushisamba, paired with the presentation of the food, is truly something to write home about.

All You Can Eat @ Sushi Café Battersea

And finally, for those of you who simply cannot resist a good deal, Battersea's Sushi Café is for you. For just £16.99 per person ($29 CAD) you can (over)indulge for an hour and a half. Feast on a selection of over 50 prepared dishes hand-made by the team of talented in-house chefs. Don't let the price tag deter you, I can confirm the food coming out of this kitchen is easily some of the best sushi in London town.


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