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YVR first Canadian airport to have copper surfaces installed

More than 1,000 YVR baggage carts and water fountain buttons are copper now.
Copper YVR baggage cart
Baggage cart handles are one of many items at YVR that have been installed with antimicrobial copper.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in Richmond is the first airport in Canada to install antimicrobial copper surfaces on more than 1,000 items throughout the flight hub.

High-touch surfaces such as baggage cart handles, water fountain buttons, washroom locks and YVR offices have been changed to copper through a collaboration between YVR’s Innovation Hub and Teck Resources Ltd.’s Copper and Health Program.

This project aims to help protect the health and safety of everyone who passes through the airport, according to a YVR statement.

“Copper has unique antimicrobial properties and is proven effective in eliminating up to 99.9 per cent of harmful bacteria within two hours of contact,” reads the statement.

It further stated that the copper layer adds an extra layer of protection on top of normal cleaning procedures.

YVR also has plans to further expand the antimicrobial copper surfaces at the airport.

“At YVR, innovation is central to who we are and how we operate,” said Tamara Vrooman, president and CEO of YVR airport.

“By way of our Innovation Hub, we are proud to be the first airport in Canada to partner with Teck’s Copper & Health program to advance local innovations that benefit the health and safety of our passengers and the community at large.”

Meanwhile, Don Lindsay, president and CEO of Teck, said they commend YVR’s “innovative spirit” to enhance the safety of their staff and travellers with this new installation.

“Teck’s Copper & Health program is helping make communities safer by expanding the use of antimicrobial copper in public spaces and this important partnership is a significant step forward in that work,” said Lindsay.