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Hail the size of 'small grapes' falls in 'unusual' storm for Metro Vancouver

White Rock was hit by white hail stones.
An unusual hail storm hit the southwestern corner of Canada June 15, 2024 as frozen stones of water the size of large peas or small grapes fell on White Rock and Surrey.

Metro Vancouver isn't normally hit by large hail stones but this weekend White Rock was hit by a storm which fit the towns name.

Hail the size of large peas and small grapes fell on the Metro Vancouver municipality Saturday, June 15, during a short but notable weather event.

"It was actually a nice day," says Environment Canada meteorologist Louis Kohanyi, noting the exception of the brief but powerful storm.

"We had reports of hail in Surrey and White Rock," he adds. 

The short storm left yards covered in rocky, white chunks of ice and caused a pause in outdoor activities during its most intense moments.

Kohanyi says the conditions were just right for hail, with freezing temperatures in the atmosphere and a thunderstorm sweeping through the area.

It is unusual for the Lower Mainland," he says of the large hail stones.

That said, no significant damage was reported to Environment Canada, though hail can damage lots of things, including windshields.

Many locals took to social media to share photos and video of the sudden hail and aftermath.

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