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feature 340

Interview with Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche By Bob Mackin With all the activity now in Whistler, it's only fitting that Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche chose the area as the North American retreat centre for Siddhartha's Intent.

feature 338

‘Wait till next year’ Going round and round the housing issue By Bob Barnett In the next couple of weeks the municipality will issue another call for affordable housing proposals. That is, proposals for housing that may be available next winter.

feature 337

Doing it for themselves Men may think they are running the show, but the women of Whistler will tell you different "If every woman who had to do anything with tourism, business or services here said they weren’t coming into work today, this valley wo

feature 336

Tales from the dump By Stephen Vogler Whistler's favourite bit of homespun lore goes something like this: "Did you know the village used to be the garbage dump?" — "Really?" — "Oh yeah, it was a favourite pastime to drive to the dump and watch the be

feature 335

...and an apple for teacher Principal Rick Smith shows how to squeeze the most from limited resources on a walking tour of Whistler’s new high school by Christopher Woodall It's like Christmas in August.

feature 334

A marketing perspective David Thomson discusses the WRA’s role in the local community and the resort world By Bob Barnett Earlier this year TV viewers were treated to an ad in which a greyhound wandered out onto a runway and underneath a large jet, r

feature 333

The game of our lives Softball continues to bring people together in Whistler "Our entertainment in the summer included the baseball games between the four logging camps. The winner, winning the four cases of beer.

feature 332

Challenging Logistics Eco-Challenge a test for race organizers, too By Neville Judd There's possibly one thing as tough as completing the world's toughest race — organizing it.

feature 331

On December 13th, 1799. George Washington summoned his doctor after coming down with a sore throat.

feature 330

To serve... with love Whistler’s service industry is fuelled by a delicate and dynamic group of personalities. And they are normal...
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