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Popular treat brand Milk Bar is opening a Vancouver location

Cake truffles, Compost Cookies, and loads of sweet treats await!

Globally-acclaimed treat shop Milk Bar will soon have its very own Vancouver outpost.

The beloved brand has revealed it will launch a location within the Nordstom Pacific Centre store in the heart of downtown. 

Construction is underway on the first floor of the luxury department store's Vancouver location. A representative for Nordstrom Canada tells V.I.A. by email the Milk Bar shop is set to open this fall, adding Nordstrom is "thrilled to offer a sweet, new experience for our customers -- just in time for the holidays."

Milk Bar began in 2008 as a bakery off-shoot selling the "happy accidents" created by pastry chef Christina Tosi under the wing of David Chang's Momofuku in New York City, but has since separated off into its own entity, expanding its reach to include shipping across the U.S., bakeshops in several cities, and products at major retailers (like Target in the U.S.).

Tosi's treats are a mix of eclectic and familiar, with simple presentation and deeply nostalgic flavours. Milk Bar's first super-star creations were its Compost and Cornflake cookies, along with what's now called Milk Bar Pie (rebranded from its problematic original name, "Crack Pie"). The brand was also among the first in the U.S. to popularize "cereal milk" flavoured soft-serve, and has become well-known for its line of birthday cake-flavoured treats, as well as layer cakes without outside frosting ("naked" cakes) and cake truffles.

Details for what we can expect at the Milk Bar shop in Vancouver are forthcoming, according to Nordstrom Canada's PR rep. Stay tuned!