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Fast Food

Farmers’ Market season drawing to a close

There are only three Famers’ Market days left in this harvest season, culminating with Oktoberfest celebrations on Saturday, Oct. 13, in the conference centre.

There will also be a special Thanksgiving market on Oct. 7, which will include pumpkins for all of the kids.

With the exception of Oktoberfest, the market is held every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. next to the Chateau Whistler in the Upper Village.

Municipalities ask for return of smoking ban

Although there were some dissenters, the majority of participants at the Union of B.C. Municipalities annual meeting this week backed a call for Victoria to impose a province-wide smoking ban that applies to bars and restaurants.

The Worker’s Compensation Board attempted to pass a ban less than two months ago, but the provincial government stepped in to re-evaluate the situation and offer alternatives to bars and restaurants in remote areas of the province.

The current patchwork of municipal smoking bylaws is causing some confusion, and the municipalities that support a blanket ban say it is necessary to create a level playing field for all businesses.

Rural municipalities were opposed to the ban, especially in the northern regions of the province, claiming that the last ban cost millions and led to layoffs.

Wider seat seeks wider seats

The Canadian Transportation Agency is in the middle of a hearing to determine if obesity is a disability, and if so, whether the transportation industry should treat it as such.

The case was filed four years ago by Linda McKay-Panos, a law professor who was charged an additional $970 by Air Canada for an extra seat.

Air Canada currently allows obese passengers to purchase a second seat for half the price of a full economy fare on flights within North America, the same courtesy extended to parents travelling with children under two, or incapacitated people travelling with a companion.

The airline has stated that they do not believe obesity to be a disability that entitles the victim the same treatment as blindness or paralysis.

Air Canada says they could lose up to $25 million a year if the CTA sides with McKay-Panos. It could also have wide reaching implications for buses, trains, theatres, and any other businesses that offer uniform seating.