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Quick Bites

Jaclyn Baynham, server, Fire Rock Lounge
Champagne and orange juice - that's the ticket, says Fire Rock's Jaclyn Baynam

PQ: What’s your food/wine philosophy?

JB: Guests don’t always come in knowing what they would like, so I try to guide them to trying something new to create a good experience.

PQ: Which drink should people be more open to trying at the Fire Rock?

JB: Experimenting with freshly squeezed juices and champagne.

PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

JB: On a beach in Bali. There was a crazy sunset and people playing music with dinner on the beach.

PQ: Exact moment you decided to become involved in the food & beverage industry?

JB: While I was in college I was looking for something fun while putting myself through school. I finished my degree and worked in my field but left it to go back to serving. It is so much fun.

PQ: Most interesting environment you’ve ever worked in?

JB: At an ice lounge in Toronto. Everything was made of ice: the martini glasses, the chairs, the tables, the bar, the walls.

PQ: What’s your solution for a last minute meal?

JB: Invite myself for dinner.

PQ: Greatest professional moment?

JB: Putting the fire back in the Rock.

PQ: Do you dream of opening your own restaurant?

JB: Right now I’m just enjoying the moment. But someday… you never know.

PQ: How would you describe what it is to be a server?

JB: Taking control of the room and creating a great party.

PQ: Where would you go to eat, if you could go anywhere in the world?

JB: My sister’s, she’s an amazing cook. It’s good wine and family.

PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

JB: Dinner at Wet Tuna.

PQ: Who has been the most influential person on your cooking/career?

JB: My best friend, Scott Rowe. He motivates me and pushes me to excel.