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Quick Bites

Quick bites with Adam Fenwick, General Manager, Tapley’s Pub

Text and photo by Maureen Provencal

PQ: What’s your food philosophy?

AF: Tapas, tapas, tapas.


PQ: What’s the most important principle in managing?

AF: Integrity and equality.


PQ: What food/drink should people be more open to trying?

AF: Beer and nachos.


PQ: Weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

AF: Alligator.


PQ: Most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?

AF: With 17 others in Puerto Vallarta in 2003. It was a 20-man bed table. They brought the food on giant bamboo bed trays. There were huge pillar candles all around the table.


PQ: Most memorable meal you have ever served?

AF: At the Bamboo. We held a movie premier party for Denzel Washington at the 2004 Film Festival. It was an eight-course meal for 300 people.


PQ: Most interesting environment you’ve ever worked in?

AF: At the Bamboo Club in Toronto. It was a restaurant/dance hall. It was a very multicultural environment. The emphasis was on world music.


PQ: What’s your solution for a last minute meal?

AF: Antipasto.


PQ: Do you dream of opening your own restaurant?

AF: Yes.


PQ: How would you describe what it is to be a general manager?

AF: The buck stops here.


PQ: Where would you go to eat, if you could go anywhere in the world?

AF: Anywhere in Italy.


PQ: What brought you to Whistler?

AF: The right type of persuasion combined with the allure of the west.


PQ: Has Whistler opened up any doors for you?

AF: Absolutely. Just being apart of the company I’m with now. There is lots of opportunity for growth.


PQ: How has Tapley’s evolved over the past 26 years?

AF: While maintaining our loyal local patrons, there has been a younger crowd discovering Tapley’s.


PQ: Where would you go for your last meal in Whistler?

AF: I would make reservations at both the Rimrock and Hy’s and it would be a game time decision.