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A dirty secret no more

Electronica, rap force Stinkmitt tours the world with smutty wit

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Stinkmitt

When: Thursday, Feb. 8

Where: Garibaldi Lift Company

Like all good electronica bands Vancouver’s Stinkmitt came together drunk.

Over freestyling Kaytea Daignault, Maren Hancock and Greg Campbell transformed into the trash-talking cougar superstars of Stinkmitt MC Jenni Craige, DJ Betti Forde and Bigstuff.

Checking out the band’s website, you can’t help but be blinded by the trashy, over-the-top outfits that would give the Trailer Park Boys women a run for their beer money.

But despite the Stinkmitt image being obnoxiously larger than life, when you click on tracks from their latest album, Red Album , listeners will discover the showmanship hype is equal to, if not out matched, by the musicianship the trio of music veterans exercise — whether dosed in humorous wit exploring the seventh wonder of the world, the Camel Toe, or exploring the silverscreen phenomena in Marilyn Monroe Sleepover.

“A sneak peak of the new album betrays an older and more musically innovative Stinkmitt, but rest assured the raunch and wit remain,” raved a Now Magazine music critique of Red Album .

The critique suggests a deeper layer to the hairspray princesses and prince who turn out music described by The Hour hosts as “Irresistible as crack” with songs that “will go down in history as groundbreaking examples of great Canadian genre-fucks.”

DJ and MC Betti Forde, a.k.a. Maren Hancock, explains how Stinkmitt is becoming less about its personas and more about the music.

“We just have developed naturally to a point now where we don’t reference them so much, but rather all our songs and years together become different shades of our song and our shows,” Hancock said. “Our personas as Betti and Jenni allowed us to be crazier and raunchier and push the envelope a lot.”

Pushing the envelope is an understatement, with tracks such as Jaba the Slut, Bangin’ on My Clit and Tubes Tied topping the Stinkmitt music charts.

Despite their lewd humour, the act referred to as “The Greatest Band Ever” by media mogul George Strombolopulos is a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

All three are independent artists in their own right. Diagnault recorded two albums with producer Daniel Elmes of Sweatshop Union and Santiago fame. Hancock holds a M.A. in Women’s Studies as well as resident DJ title at two of Vancouver’s busiest club nights: Stacked Tuesdays at Celebrities and Sin City at 23 West/Richards on Richards. Campbell was a star right from the get go; at the young age of 17, he was nominated for a Juno Award.

After teaming up in 2002, three became one as Stinkmitt ravaged the globe at the hippest clubs from New York City to Berlin. The funky hip hop trio has shared stages with the likes of Peaches, Nashville Pussy, Vitalic, Nid & Sancy and others.

Procon will be added to the list with a tag-team show Thursday, Feb. 8 at the Garibaldi Lift Company. The infamous Ace MacKay will also be on site. Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday.