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A sequel that didn’t disappoint

By Shelley Arnusch Review: Tuned Women II Feb. 26 & 27, MY (Millennium) Place Ah, Tuned Women.

By Shelley Arnusch

Review: Tuned Women II

Feb. 26 & 27, MY (Millennium) Place

Ah, Tuned Women. How many highlights did thee have?

Let me attempt to count the ways you are an exceptional, unique musical event that represents the best things about living, creating and performing in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Susan Holden’s irrepressible energetic opener flooding the room with her strong Natalie Merchant voice and setting the stage for what was to come.

Versatile Leanne Lamour’s three song contributions - each with its own distinct flavour - and back-up vocals and instrumental work for most of her fellow performers.

Sweet Louise Brunker’s jazzy Nora Jones-style vocals and loungy piano harmonies. No need to ever apologize for your "soppy" songs about breakups and regrets.

Sue Stearns for singing the blues the way they’re meant to be sung – all joy and pain and Pemberton in the summer.

Kath Haling’s simplest of songs showcasing a truly wonderful heartbreaker of a voice.

Emily Ogden’s quirky college radio anthem for bookstore-loving girls everywhere, adding a dash of urban eclectic into the jazz/folk/blues mix.

Carolyn Grass’ joyous folk soprano and wry, poignant tribute to her dear Mum.

The whole lot of you for your raucous goodtime closer. W.O.M.A.N. indeed.

And finally, Gillie Easdon and Tessa Amy for your own gorgeous roster songs, but more importantly, your vision.

Keep this one going girls. We need this event to last forever. And if we can’t say forever, let’s just say Tuned Women III.