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Ear Candy

With Seanski

Tuesday night DJ in Whistler for eight years running; former touring DJ for Guru and the force behind

My five favourite tracks at the moment:

1.  Welcome To Jamrock — Damian Marley

"This track is nothing but positive vibrations… for the true reggae heads."

2.  Just A Moment — Nas feat. Quan

"There are a lot of MCs out there but Nas is always coming through with new flavour for your ear. This track just hits home. Nas and his partner in rhyme, Quan, pay homage to all the fallen MCs and people in the everyday struggle. One of those tracks that stays in the CD player.

3.  So Seductive — Tony Yayo

"This track right here is 100 per cent blazin’. Straight up hip-hop. The beat is infectious classic material. What more can I say? G-UUUUUUUUUUUnit!!!!"

4. Keep Your Rhymes To Yourself — Casual feat. Opio (unreleased track)

"Old school rhymes and breaks. Enough said! Pure dopeness."

5. Be Alright — The Foreign Exchange

"I’m not going to front. My boy from the U.K. passed me a copy of the Foreign Exchange album. Little did I know, he hooked me up with one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard since Masta Ace’s A Long Hot Summer . This is a record you can play from front to back without skipping. Be Alright is one of those really soulful tracks that just puts you in a good frame of mind. The album is called connected. Cop one or two…"

Last Words:

"Support all your local hip-hop shows."