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Entertainment Briefs

Takaya Tours wins two Aboriginal tourism awards Tourism Whistler announced the winners of the first annual B.C. Aboriginal Awards, which took place on Aug. 12. Part of Weetama 2002, the awards were a co-presentation the B.C.

Takaya Tours wins two Aboriginal tourism awards

Tourism Whistler announced the winners of the first annual B.C. Aboriginal Awards, which took place on Aug. 12. Part of Weetama 2002, the awards were a co-presentation the B.C. Aboriginal Tourism Association based in Vancouver.

The Cultural Authenticity Award went to Takaya Tours of Vancouver. Co-manager Lori Simcox says, "We were happy with the win, and just pleased to be nominated, and we really try and keep our tours as authentic as possible."

Justin George, also on staff with Takaya, took home the Young Adult Achievement Award.

The Power of Education Award went to Quw'utsun Cultural and Conference Centre, and the Excellence in Customer Service Award was presented to Qulus Aboriginal Tours Inc.

Additional awards included Strength in Marketing Award for the House of Himwitsa, and the Tourism Conservation Award awarded to NK'Mip Desert Heritage Centre Ltd. Chief Clarence Louie took home the Inspirational Leadership Award.

Maya Eventov in town

Works in acrylic from Russian avant-garde painter Maya Eventov, who exhibited at the Birmingham Art Show in ’98, will be on display at a new exhibit opening Aug. 29 at the West Coast Gallery, located inside the Pan Pacific Hotel in Whistler.

Born in Leningrad in 1964, Eventov studied at the High College of Art and Design in Mukhina in 1981, honing her etching technique while also working in watercolours and oils in intense colour. Her paintings include A Taste of Tuscany, priced at $6,000, Colours of a Tuscan Hillside, and Montage.

An open reception begins at 6 p.m. on Aug. 29. Eventov will be in attendance between 6 and 10 p.m. Aug. 29 and 30.

West Coast Gallery represents both international artists and local artists, including works in both jade and ivory sculpture. Eventov is currently based in Dundas, Ontario.

Zen and the art of photo

"B.C. Images" is the latest exhibit from Squamish-based photographer Dave Humphreys. The show opened at the Best Western Hotel lobby entryway in Squamish early last week.

Like many photographers, Humphreys emphasizes the art of the job is in the waiting game.

"For one shot of Black Tusk, I sat at Whistler’s peak for five hours – but it was worth it, I got the shot!"

That image and others, including Garibaldi and the Chief are part of the show.

"It’s a dream come true. I was travelling around with a backpack and a camera for a long time," says Humphreys, who was one of 10 photographers featured in the Photographers Showcase at April’s World Ski and Snowboard Festival. He was also one of four photographers chosen to display in conjunction with Janine Benyus’s speech at the Whistler It’s Our Nature Speaker Series.

Humphreys, who says he has carved an ideal business niche based in Squamish, works in a studio that has a view of the Chief. He still travels with work and plans to do more in Whistler next ski season, in addition to one off shows like B.C. Images.

"I take over a retail space, suitable for a quick cleanup, that I can paint myself. For my Christmas show, I painted the walls maroon," says Humphreys.

"Frozen Adrenaline" is a digital show in production which features snapshots of top climbers. But nature is the theme for the B.C. Images show, with photos of eagles, gizzlies and local peaks.

For an online list of shows log on to . For information about the new exhibit contact John Pearson at Captured Ideas Picture Framing, 604-892-9707.

Local musician works with Matt Good’s producer

Local musician Andrea Graham, who plays the Dubh Linn Gate Aug. 22, found John Shepp to produce her first four-song demo.

"I went around to all the different studios in Vancouver and tried to find one I liked," says Graham. Shepp worked with the Matthew Good Band on Underdogs .

Four additional musicians, including Chelsea Schill and Tim Clark, played on the CD which includes original songs Gnomes, Three Feet Tall, Just a Joke, and Airport. The material for Just a Joke hit close to home and heart.

"Just a Joke is kind’ve a long story, but we went berry picking out near Chilliwack and ended up working for 12 hours. But there were others out there, some Cambodians, who only earn around $12 a day," adds Graham.

Step in, step out

Break beat Toronto DJ Robb G. makes an appearance at Tommy Africa’s on Aug. 20, with beats between 130-135 per minute, for the counters out there. His show is part of a seven-day, six-city tour.

"My style is pretty eclectic, all over the board, with some progressive house and interjecting breaks," says the DJ, whose release "Stick Up Kid" topped Satellite Records’ charts in New York in the late ’90s.

"I’ve always been into dancing, I grew up listening to a lot of disco around the house, entertaining the neighbours at age two."

Robb G has been known to pop onto the dance floor himself.

"I got into what I do because I’m passionate about what I do, and it shows."

Producer for the iDance CD compilation series, a project by MC Flipside to raise awareness of the electronic music scene in Toronto, last year Robb G set up his own label, Promo Records, and founded the first Canadian breaks label, Laidback Lab Records.

"I’ll play harder house if I like it enough. I've got a really short attention span behind the decks, I get bored really quick if there isn't something going on," he says.