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From sand to snow

DJ Jamie Vale returns to Whistler on Electrik Tour after working with Hook n Sling and new band called New Edit
Back in Whistler Producer/DJ Jamie Vale stops off in Whistler on North American tour before heading back to Australia to work on new band.

Who: DJ Jamie Vale

When: Thursday, Jan. 24

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Tickets: $8/$10

Australian Jamie Vale’s dirty electro sets are a familiar beat around Whistler. The globetrotter is just wrapping up the Australian festival circuit before setting off on his Electrik Tour, which touches down in Whistler for Party Beats on Thursday, Jan. 24 at Tommy Africa’s. He then spins a lounge set Sunday, Jan. 27 at The Mix and dance set on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Maxx Fish before moving on to Vancouver, Calgary and Banff in Canada as well as U.S. before returning home down under. The Pique Newsmagazine caught up with the busy producer/DJ in between shows in Australia.

1. What are you doing in Australia right now?

Right now in Australia I have residencies Friday and Saturday nights in Sydney and I am also often traveling interstate for various gigs and festivals. Over the past two years, I’ve toured around the world djing in many different countries and held residencies in many of them. It is good to be back in Sydney and I have set up a Studio here, so I will be here working hard on my tracks this summer doing a lot of producing and remixing before I head to Ibiza for the European summer in June.

2. Tell me about your studio work with Hook n Sling?

Anthony Maniscalco AKA Hook n Sling is one of my best friends we have known each other for many years ever since we used to run a night together in Sydney back in the day. Hook and I did an original together called Silver Service, which was signed to Ministry of Sound's Hussle n' Bussle label. And then we produced a remix together shortly after that. We then worked on Rollercoaster, which is one of my signature tracks, which I will be releasing early this year.

3. So how is Australia’s festival circuit going?

Some of the best gigs of all time are festivals for the sheer crowds of thousands, and the energy that they create. This year I was lucky enough to do a set at Summer Field Days, and I’m booked for the well-known Good Vibrations Festival in Sydney in February. I am also djing for Red Bull these days at feature events across the country, which are a lot of fun.

4. Residencies in Whistler and the Greek Islands: Talk about polar opposites. What keeps you in Whistler?

I love to snowboard and I love to wakeboard, so the snow and sand work well for me. Both countries are beautiful and I really enjoy keeping busy during the day while I am overseas, so I picked the two climates that suit me best: really, really cold and really, really hot; a winter playground and a summer playground. Not to mention that these are the two places in the world that really know how to party.

5. You've opened for a lot of big names. What has been your favourite show so far?

It would have to be Roger Sanchez at Tommy Africa's. It was my first big support gig overseas and it was also on my birthday in 2003, so there are a lot of great memories there. Then I would have to say Craig Obey. Wow, I am a poet and I didn't even know it! Craig puts out amazing energy when he performs, pulls a wicked crowd, and he is a genuine guy. Also, my three years as resident at Party Beats with JT really helped shape my style and approach for what I am doing now.

6. Any new projects in the works?

I have just recently started an electronic band, and we have been writing some great stuff. The band is called New Edit. We just finished our first single Sleep Monday, which pretty much says it all. The band members consist of Craig Obey (Ministry of Sound), Lady Lauryn on vocals and myself as electric guitarist/studio programmer and DJ, so that keeps me busy. I have also just finished my new single Music Sounds Better, which will be released as a Jamie Vale single in the next couple of months.

7. What can people expect from the Tommy Africa’s show?

People can expect lots of fun, energy, excitement, funky, dirty, loud and crowds. There will also be four decks and two mixers in the DJ Booth, which is definitely my favourite setup. It will set the scene for a big night.